Best Solar Lights For Camping HT-998

1.Multi-function solar lamp: features: lighting, charging function, application range: outdoor camping, family

2.Antiue wooden phonograph: features: elegant, romantic , also inserted TF card and MP3 function, application scope: family banquet and other occasions

3.Hand-operated charging radio: features: hand-operated charging, external 5V charging mode, convenient and powerful flashlight function, mobile phone charging mode, clear radio effect, application scope: outdoor camping, mountaineering, power failure occasions

4.Solar hand charging radio: features: powerful solar energy, hand external 5V three charging methods, whether rain or shine, indoor and outdoor can be charged, mobile phone charging function, with clear radio effect, application scope: outdoor camping, mountaineering, indoor and outdoor, especially earthquake power failure has emergency transmission information.

5.Multi-band solar energy hand-operated radio: features: hand-operated, solar energy, external 5V three charging methods, suitable for the radio function around the world, application scope: outdoor camping, indoor and outdoor power failure emergency role

6.Clock radio: features: time display, work and rest reminder, alarm clock, mobile phone charging, clear radio and other functions, application scope: family, hotel.

7.Characteristics of flashlight radio: manual charging, 5.0v external charging, bright light, suitable for outdoor mountaineering and camping, emergency use at night.

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