Accompanied by small mini bluetooth speaker, life more exciting

by:HTong      2020-09-15
Have the world of music, brought us more passion and joy, as if to hear music, those annoying things in life are behind it, one song after the music, even a feather's life, we will be more have the courage to face, to music, of course, without the mini bluetooth speaker. Listen to the music of the way there are many, such as using headphones, large sound and so on. If use headphones to listen to music, the voice for a long period of time in sympathetic ear will cause certain damage to the ear, can make the hearing loss, etc. Use large speakers to listen to music, and can bring us more comfortable sound experience, but we can only receive place limitations at home to enjoy this beautiful music. And mini bluetooth speaker either at home or in the outdoor, can bring you unlimited music enjoyment. Today to introduce a wireless mini bluetooth speaker, it rubber paint on the surface, comfortable handle, such as baby's skin, can be very confident of say, as long as you get it later, will be comfortable not loosen. Comprehensive human ear perception of voice, use 3 w power, sound, sound effects in enough, even if you are in the bathroom can also hear the customer in the sound of music. 2-800 mah battery capacity, charging 3 hours, ten hours, can play long audio playback duration, even go out all day and also unnecessary worry about the trouble of without electricity. In terms of appearance, the classic round appearance, concise and easy, not cumbersome, sought after by more young friends and love. A small mini bluetooth speaker accompany, life more exciting.
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