Bluetooth card speakers and what's the difference between ordinary speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-03
Bluetooth speakers applying bluetooth technology on the traditional digital and multimedia speakers, let users can remove wire stumbles, free to listen to wonderful music. Bluetooth speakers come out later, received extensive attention of smartphones, tablet and other users. Bluetooth technology enables speakers wireless possible, all kinds of famous brands have launched many shape a variety of 'bluetooth speaker', consumer spending a few dollars to several thousand yuan price, can make their own fashion and convenient bluetooth speakers.

bluetooth speaker features widely used

global bluetooth specification, the mobile phone, PDA, wireless headset, notebook computers, cars, medical equipment, computer peripherals, and many other devices, as long as have a bluetooth adapter, can be easily connected bluetooth devices, transmission of data or voice communication, widely popular, good compatibility.


bluetooth technology is an instant, it does not require a fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up, don't need to cable connection can be realized, it is very convenient to use, simply complete the matching can be put into use, operating the threshold is low. Faster transmission speed

compared with other approaches such as infrared, bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed, bluetooth 4. 0 theoretical maximum speed reached 24 megabits per second, faster speed can guarantee a higher quality, make it have enough ability to load rate higher music. Transmission distance is moderate

bluetooth transmission distance, generally within 10 meters, just the size of a room, and partition data transmission, very suitable for household environment.

although has many advantages, but because of the bluetooth transmission protocol and other 2. 4 g devices, are sharing the same frequency band signal, inevitably lead to signals from interfering with each other. In addition, the bluetooth protocol is not a free technology, any use of the technology vendors must pay a royalty to the organization, and will be reflected in the cost of this part of the cost, bluetooth audio equipment price is still higher than ordinary products in 2012.

bluetooth speakers plug-in and not the difference between a card

card can store songs to download card ( Memory card for TF card, also is the same as the mobile phone memory card, also have a plenty of SD card) Songs, play CARDS, more than one function, the bluetooth speakers are now a lot of, can insert card usb audio input and output control cell phone hands-free calls up and down, and so on.

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