Bluetooth headset is how to eliminate the noise

by:HTong      2020-09-26
Bluetooth headset is how to eliminate the noise you know bluetooth headsets have how to eliminate the noise? 1, eliminate clutter, out of line. The first to clean up the cell phone headset, look at what dirt in it. Mobile phone headphone socket connection problem, dip in with cotton first a small amount of ethanol, scrubbing the power plug, then the toilet paper to wipe. Part 2, line shaking and maintain cell phone headset did not move, if the noise associated with line shaking and changes, you should is the line problem, if the line out of the problem, can try to change the line. 3, second in your surrounding some people playing with strong electric or magnetic field under the condition of noise can cause bluetooth headset, or are you with other two mobile phones can appear too close to call spacing is also very strong noise. Words in a region that reason good or put another phone far away. 4, watch mobile phone headset cable if there is any disconnected or loose condition, eliminate exterior hardware configuration damage, in the end if various inspection bluetooth headsets found no problem still have noise, can contact business, after-sales service to return, inspection maintenance solution. 5, the computer has the electrostatic induction, also is the key. Hard touch main box part of iron, if noise faded, the section of copper core wire, screw back on the computer at one end, grounding device at one end. Receiver is in ascension. Get rid of the microphone to strengthen. Due to some external sound card is not compatible. 6, the drive is not very good, is likely to be using the built-in driver software, system software or device is not very good, if so, can change a sound card driver process.
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