Bluetooth speaker how to use?

by:HTong      2020-09-05
Petite bluetooth speaker design is loved not only, and easy to carry, used in mobile phones outside of the speaker is a good choice, then how to use? Bluetooth speaker how to use? 1, the new bluetooth speakers turn, hold down the power button for a few seconds, will light up lights; 2, and then opened the mobile phone Settings, open mobile phone bluetooth function, find the equipment. After 3, find the equipment, find the bluetooth speakers, click on the matching, input the corresponding number combination. 4, connect bluetooth speakers after the success, and then opened the cool dog music such as broadcast, optional choose a song can be broadcasted. Using mobile phone bluetooth speakers? 1, first turn bluetooth speaker power, indicator will light up. 2, then opens the bluetooth phone. 3, when the hand around the time to take the initiative to detect available bluetooth devices. Click start after four, detect speakers equipment matching, probably needs a few seconds of time can be matched. 5, on the phone and choose a music broadcast. Laptop using bluetooth speakers? Bluetooth speakers cohesion notebook computer and mobile phone similar cohesion first bluetooth switch is a key to open on the notebook, then waiting for cohesive devices can be searched on the notebook, found directly click on cohesion, drive system will be installed, such as with installation, need to download the 'bluetooth driver' cohesion after installed. Bluetooth speakers after successful cohesion, and choose a music on the computer screen. Desktop computer using bluetooth speakers? Desktop computer bluetooth connection requirements shall be separately first purchase a bluetooth adapter, the price is not expensive, buy a can. Then, in the computer can actively installed above the USB interface. After installed and laptops bluetooth speakers using similar methods. Using wireless bluetooth speakers? 1, open the bluetooth speakers switch, 2, mobile phone turn over bluetooth, search your name on the box, click the cohesion, cohesion and 3 after successful can broadcast audio file.
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