Bluetooth speaker is introduced

by:HTong      2020-08-31

bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in bluetooth chip, with bluetooth connection audio equipment, instead of the traditional wire connection with the mobile phone bluetooth play equipment such as tablets and notebook connection, achieve the goal of fast and convenient.

at present, the bluetooth speaker is given priority to with portable speaker, general appearance is relatively small and portable, bluetooth speaker technology because of its convenient people also gradually recognition and acceptance by consumers, the characteristics of common bluetooth speakers on the market for mono speaker ( ChanYang sound units) , but also have produced some excellent tone multichannel speaker ( Two or with higher sound units) 。

bluetooth speakers is applying bluetooth technology on the traditional digital and multimedia speakers, let users can avoid annoying wires stumbles, free to listen to music in various ways. Since the advent of bluetooth speakers, with the development of the intelligent terminal by mobile phone tablet, etc. The user's attention. Bluetooth technology ( 蓝牙) Let the speaker wireless possible, all kinds of famous brands have launched many shape a variety of 'bluetooth speaker', consumers spend about a few yuan to 3000 yuan price, can let oneself have the super fashion convenient bluetooth speakers.

bluetooth is a low-cost large capacity of short distance wireless communication standard. Bluetooth notebook computer, notebook computer with bluetooth wireless communication functions. There's a legend story under the name of bluetooth. The 10th century, northern Europe, hegemony between feudal lords as well as the Danish king stood up, under his unremitting efforts, the bloody war was brought to an end, all parties to sit down to the negotiating table. Through communication, vassals of animosity, become friends. By the Danish king likes to eat blueberries, so that the teeth have been dyed blue, said bluetooth king, therefore, bluetooth has become synonymous with communication. One thousand years later, when the new wireless communication requirements, people also use the bluetooth to give a name to it.

in 1995, Ericsson first puts forward the concepts of bluetooth. The bluetooth specification by microwave band, transmission rate of 1 m bytes per second, maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, by increasing the transmitted power can reach 100 m. Bluetooth technology is a global open, on a global scale has good compatibility, can through the low cost of the world's intangible bluetooth networks into an organic whole.

bluetooth technology not only used in computers, like mobile phone, digital camera, video camera, printer, fax machine, household appliances, such as many electronic devices can use bluetooth, wireless connectivity, without having to drag a tail ( Cables) 。 With the popularity of bluetooth technology, a family to decorate no longer for electrical wiring; When using electrical appliances, do not have to have a headache for a lot of remote control, a mobile phone or a car key can all done; Go out in the outside, the work arrangements of the company and home family picture can get anytime and anywhere; The wide application of bluetooth technology will make our life very easily.

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