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by:HTong      2020-08-25

faster and faster pace of life makes the public demand for portable tools more and more big, also, in terms of sound equipment, bluetooth speakers, with its advantages of small volume, convenient to carry, transmission, quickly replaced the traditional 2. 1 amp become the latest must-haves in the speaker industry.

which large and medium-sized cities, where as long as there is music, there is a bluetooth speakers, even in small cities or towns, bluetooth speakers are not rare. Bluetooth speakers hot cluster production makes many audio manufacturers, the market once appear blowout phenomenon. Bluetooth speakers in 2016 is still very popular speaker equipment, formal competition among firms and fighting and shanzhai makers seem to be in the white-hot stage, the manufacturer's profits fell, but as a result of wireless application is the trend, so the bluetooth speakers and a large market space.

now new digital market, many vendors in order to seize person eyeball, constantly in product appearance design and equipment on the space lengths. In addition to the original equipment and unique modelling, most creative bluetooth speakers on the hardware configuration is not too much. Although the bluetooth speakers market and larger development space, but only rely on the means of 'sensationalist', and can't gain a foothold in bluetooth speakers on the market. Bluetooth speaker factory

is not only in the speaker industry, only to ensure that 'quality' first was welcomed by consumers. Sound from the United States brand fashionable whole world can see that 'quality is everything! As our KINGREE brand founder said: 'every product is our creation, not just to release passion, more important is to satisfy all the senses to enjoy, KINGREE team of designers and craft makers has a wealth of experience, the production of each finished product to pass strict inspection for many times, even if it is a little flaw, are all production or even redesign again. It is this strict requirements and high quality led we step on the road to success, quickly occupied the speaker market.

after may sound box also and other digital products, and the combination of the Internet is more and more closely. Businesses may be the potential to produce more high-end speakers equipment, bluetooth speakers may have like 2. 1 amp that grew out of the line of sight of people. No matter future how speakers to the development direction of high-end, producers want to firmly occupy a place in the market, must be strict with product quality!

wireless bluetooth speaker application environment: indoor fixed, such as home entertainment, office use lead the new trend of the wireless audio bluetooth speakers home entertainment life application form and carrier of the bluetooth speaker based on the traditional multimedia speakers, acoustic structure remains the same, increases the bluetooth module, the change is to make an external audio source more rich, more convenient access to music. Bluetooth speaker factory

as a result, the wireless bluetooth speakers first application is also in the traditional multimedia speakers. Can not only through the cable connected to the computer, can through bluetooth adapter mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, expands the diversity of the audio source. Such multimedia bluetooth speakers, most used in household, office and other places of fixed is given priority to, mainly around the computer, movies, games, music put these entertainment, so deal with is bluetooth wireless play a role of nowadays increasingly mobile devices, such as no plug audio line, back and forth in different devices via bluetooth can switch back and forth. Application products: lead the new trend of the wireless audio bluetooth speakers life

after the intelligent mobile phone comprehensive, led by mobile Internet intelligent hardware is not the end, this is only the beginning. Sound as an important part of household, has also apply colours to a drawing of intelligent elements, for household intelligent kick off. Dongguan bluetooth speaker manufacturers

in the ring, in the tide of intelligent, Boeing has appeared on the market a lot of smart audio products. Although these intelligent audio products in the intelligent degree, may also can't satisfy our relative, but we found that the sound has really stepped on the road, intelligent is of early maturity is more looking forward to intelligent audio products. Well, actually have real intelligence sound development to what degree?

smart update speakers iteration bluetooth speaker manufacturers

at present domestic intelligent audio industry has begun to rise, in the path of the intelligent sound, and the traditional vendors are to improve its bluetooth audio experience, with 12 years experience in research and development of intelligent audio production KINGREE bluetooth stereo, smile curve actively implement industry in recent years, with technology innovation and high-quality accessories, for customers with more perfect quality experience for the vision, to stick to its leading position in the field of traditional stereo.

current bluetooth stereo emphasises the play music via bluetooth signal, its usage patterns, or the manufacturer's model is relatively single. And KINGREE intelligent audio brands, have very diverse usage patterns, not only on the basis of the bluetooth signal broadcast music developed wifi connection function of music, the future more also with China telecom, qq music, netease cloud music content such as music, baidu music cooperation platform, intelligent cloud music store, analysis and personal music preference, achieve more intelligent, so that when these intelligent sound corporate profit pattern formed gradually by the software, intelligent sound to more cost-effective than traditional bluetooth stereo. Make intelligent sound this category are more popular among trendy technology users.

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