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by:HTong      2020-08-27

bluetooth technology as early as the ninety s has entered our field of vision, then we may still don't know, but after more than ten years of development, bluetooth technology has been very mature and popularize, apply to the speakers, make cable speakers gradually become a thing of the past, more and more people choose the bluetooth speakers, enjoy the beautiful music.

in science and technology developed today, people in the pursuit of quality of life and enjoy more and more strict, for many young people like music is poured to buy equipment related to music. More than 1000 dollars of 2000 m't a MP5 headphones, these are floating clouds, they taste more and more difficult to satisfy. But to buy a simple and durable cable transfer box without difficulty. But the problem is not have your cake and eat it, the speaker volume small, but the sound quality and volume is acceptable; The volume of the high quality sound, but it is difficult to accomplish easily portable use volume. Even if they could meet the above points, but you have to drag a long line to find jack, this is not only a waste of time and is not very convenient.

KINGREE bluetooth speaker manufacturers can completely solve the problems. It carries the latest bluetooth module, 10 meters effective transmission distance, easy to get rid of the cable. On sound quality, KINGREE bluetooth speaker manufacturers can be said to be among the speaker, not only USES the international imported chip, and the r&d centers in silicon valley, the international advanced circuit design, professional testing, you can see that after KINGREE bluetooth speaker audio graph is whole is gentle, not very big, sweet nature and reproduce the original sound warm full-bodied, bring audio-visual extreme enjoyment.

KINGREE bluetooth speaker is a product of science and technology development, making great contribution for audio output devices. For today's young people to choose bluetooth speaker manufacturer is opted for a simple music good life. If you still use wired speaker now, isn't it too OUT? To choose a suitable own KINGREE bluetooth speakers enjoy life!

after the intelligent mobile phone comprehensive, led by mobile Internet intelligent hardware is not the end, this is only the beginning. Sound as an important part of household, has also apply colours to a drawing of intelligent elements, for household intelligent kick off. Dongguan bluetooth speaker manufacturers

in the ring, in the tide of intelligent, Boeing has appeared on the market a lot of smart audio products. Although these intelligent audio products in the intelligent degree, may also can't satisfy our relative, but we found that the sound has really stepped on the road, intelligent is of early maturity is more looking forward to intelligent audio products. Well, actually have real intelligence sound development to what degree?

smart update speakers iteration speaker manufacturers

at present domestic intelligent audio industry has begun to rise, in the path of the intelligent sound, and the traditional vendors are to improve its bluetooth audio experience, with 12 years experience in research and development of intelligent audio production KINGREE bluetooth stereo, smile curve actively implement industry in recent years, with technology innovation and high-quality accessories, for customers with more perfect quality experience for the vision, to stick to its leading position in the field of traditional stereo. Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

current bluetooth stereo emphasises the play music via bluetooth signal, its usage patterns, or the manufacturer's model is relatively single. And KINGREE intelligent audio brands, have very diverse usage patterns, not only on the basis of the bluetooth signal broadcast music developed wifi connection function of music, the future more also with China telecom, qq music, netease cloud music content such as music, baidu music cooperation platform, intelligent cloud music store, analysis and personal music preference, achieve more intelligent, so that when these intelligent sound corporate profit pattern formed gradually by the software, intelligent sound to more cost-effective than traditional bluetooth stereo. Make intelligent sound this category are more popular among trendy technology users.

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