Bluetooth speaker manufacturers: with bluetooth speakers don't need to bow to find all sorts of data line because of lazy

by:HTong      2020-08-28

KINGREE bluetooth speaker is a product of science and technology development, making great contribution for audio output devices. For today's young people to choose bluetooth speaker is opted for a simple music good life. If you still use wired speaker now, isn't it too OUT? To choose a suitable own KINGREE bluetooth speakers enjoy life!

maintenance method of bluetooth speakers? KINGREE focused audio field for 12 years, we have r&d center in the United States, using imported chip, with high-grade materials, in the design is not only used in Europe and the contracted style, also add fashionable element, noble and elegant. Is the best speaker sound quality, the high and low not sticky, strong acoustic noise, weak is not empty, warm full-bodied represent the nature of natural sound, rich product line. In addition to the quality of the speaker itself, we know that the speaker if the maintenance of good, can be used for a long time, so how do the bluetooth speakers for maintenance?

1, the speakers equipment normal working temperature should be 18 ℃ ~ 45 ℃. The low temperature will reduce some machine ( Such as electronic machine) The sensitivity of; Is too high, easy to burn out components, or components early aging. Pay special attention to the cooling in summer and keep the air circulation.

2, sound equipment, avoid direct sunlight to avoid close to the heat source, such as a heater. Speakers wholesale

after 3, sound equipment, various function keys to reset. If the function keys are no longer a for a long time, its pull knob spring in the stress state for a long period of time, is likely to cause dysfunction.

4, switch box before power supply, the power amplifier of the volume potentiometer to the minimum, this is the power amplifier and speaker of one of the most effective means of protection. This amplifier power amplifier is almost zero, at least not cause harm to the speakers when wrong operation.

5, to live on a regular basis. In the case of long-term not use especially in the damp, high temperature season, the best electrify half an hour every day. It can use the heat generated by the internal components work to remove moisture, avoid internal coil, the speaker voice coil, transformer, etc. Be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew is broken.

6, every once in a while to soft cotton cloth to wipe with a clean damp machine surface; Need not when, the application of dust cover or cover on the top of the machine to prevent dust.

KINGREE rich product line, now covers the home, office, outdoor, car, etc. , KINGREE bluetooth speaker since 2013 to enter the Chinese market, with good quality and high cost performance and become numerous user selection.

bluetooth speakers are only products in recent years, a lot of people haven't completely to bluetooth speakers such products, so what can bring people the bluetooth speakers? I'll give you a simple introduce, bluetooth speakers give you the most important thing is the function of the wireless transmission of audio, can let you within 10 meters and your mobile phone, computer, tablet and other electronic equipment to realize the wireless transmission, needless little mess in line, and carry very convenient, also the function of life. Speakers wholesale

some bluetooth speakers can also be inserted card and the function of the radio. Overall said bluetooth speaker is the product of our time, is also a new bluetooth products, bluetooth headset appeared, in the consumer's demand, now KINGREE bluetooth speakers will also be a trend.

which is a lot of enterprises in the production of high quality bluetooth speakers, electronic co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of bluetooth speakers in 12 years experience, has the independent research and development, production, sales through-train service. Since 2006 in KINGREE brand, popular with young people. To experience the bluetooth technology to bring the pleasure of friends might as well buy a KINGREE bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

bluetooth speaker is confirmed in the development of science and technology, don't need to bow to find all sorts of data line because of lazy, bluetooth speakers for you to solve all the troubles.

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