Bluetooth speakers battery life?

by:HTong      2020-09-02
First, to introduce bluetooth speakers built-in battery type and quality of

1) Polymer battery

advantages: safe and effective, soft package no explosion hazard.

faults: manifolds of species, pure cobalt ( Good) And pure manganese ( Poor) Polymer battery price difference a few times.

2) 18650 battery

advantage: with excellent performance, charge and discharge can reach the quality level ( More for laptop batteries) , explosion protection

faults: teardown and old batteries more battery. The same 18650 battery 5 - good and bad price difference 10 times

3) Aluminum battery

advantage: price is very cheap

faults: poor performance. No explosion protection measures, an explosion consequences.

polymer battery is higher than the safety of other batteries, the volume can be thinner, in bluetooth speakers built-in battery, belongs to high-grade common battery, 18650 battery also use more, of course it's capacity will be older, security or than polymer battery, however, the worst is the aluminum battery. But no matter which kind of battery, you must be with battery protection board, if there is no battery protection board, but must not use, because there is no protection board, the battery charge and discharge is less than security, service life is not protected.

bluetooth speakers range is based on the cell type and the size of the battery, just remember the battery size uniform, 18650 battery & gt; Polymer battery & gt; Aluminum battery, battery, of course, the more the greater the volume range

after open the bluetooth wireless if coexist with wireless local area network (LAN), the jamming signal is stronger, can appear even lost connection. Bluetooth wireless (

蓝牙) Using the frequency hopping spread spectrum ( frequencyhoppingspread谱) , the transmitted power of 2. 5 mW, data transfer rate of 7. 5 Mb/s( According to the 4. Version 2) , the effective transmission distance of 10 m. Bluetooth wireless and 2. 4 GHz wireless local area network (LAN) working in the same ISM ( industrialscientific医学) Interference spectrum, there are two problems.

typical application is to use a bluetooth mouse, bluetooth wireless keyboard, with wireless LAN PC in this situation, the mutual interference problems. Bluetooth transmission in order to avoid interference, can choose according to site condition dynamic channel, also can change through wireless local area network (LAN) each packet length, reduce the interference during packet transmission, reduce the probability of data retransmission, improve the throughput of disturbance exists.

and small production of bluetooth speakers in our company is the specialized manufacturer production and accept custom.

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