Bluetooth speakers choose goods should pay attention to?

by:HTong      2020-08-27
In our daily life, the music is so many friend loved, no matter go where you can see people listen to music, when we came home to complete a day's work, I believe that most of the friend must be like small make up love to open the computer to listen to their favorite music; Natural is essential when it comes to listen to music, sound box, now more and more friend like bluetooth speakers, convenient due to its cohesion, and good sound effects; Well, let's to buy the bluetooth speakers when how should correct choose and buy, and how to properly use daily? Below small make up together and to learn skills and the choose and buy of bluetooth speakers use strategy. About bluetooth speaker: bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in bluetooth chip, replace traditional wire with bluetooth connection cohesion of audio equipment, with mobile phones, tablets and laptops bluetooth interface broadcast equipment, such as to reach the purpose of convenient and quick. Now, bluetooth speakers give priority to with portable speaker, portable appearance is generally more dainty, bluetooth speakers technology because of its convenient also gradually pay attention to and acceptance by the client, the characteristics of bluetooth speakers for mono speaker more common on the market, but also have produced some excellent multichannel tone speakers. Skills: the choose and buy sound box manufacturer 1 【 Compatibility 】 Although said bluetooth speakers compatibility is 100% support existing bluetooth devices, but we still want to buy before admitted to broadcast equipment support bluetooth, so as to ensure purchase can be normal use; 2' Transmission interval 】 Bluetooth speakers transmission interval has nothing to do with bluetooth bottle, mainly depends on the degree of advanced technology. For example, let's understand PowerClass2 specification transmission interval of 10 meters; While upgrading PowerClass1 will increase transmission interval to 100 meters, and supply the Hi - Fi stereo effect. In general, the interval of mobile phone or computer and bluetooth speakers will not too far, safe transmission interval of about 10 meters, bluetooth speakers have reached 10 meters market specifications; 3 [ Bluetooth bottle 】 Let's when buying a bluetooth speakers, often see Bluetooth1. 1 and 1. 2, 2. 0, 2. 1, 3. 0, 4. 0 such as Numbers, these Numbers represent the bottle is different, also represents the bluetooth speakers ability to resist disturb. From 2012 to 2. Most common, 3, 0. 0 is the new mainstream, 4. 0 is just launched soon. Bluetooth bottle is different, about the quality of the received signal. New bottle more emphasis on noise disturb can be overcome, new bottle can be backward compatibility, customers should be measured when the choose and buy prices and demand to choose; Bluetooth speakers wholesale 4 【 Built-in battery 】 Bluetooth speakers built-in battery is good or bad direct resolution bluetooth digital sound broadcast time and using life. Before buying, please must be careful there information real time and the number of repeated charge attenuation, argues that customers choose bluetooth speakers as far as possible when choosing polymer lithium battery, without risk of blasting; 1 [use strategy: Switch machine. In using bluetooth speakers, remember to open the main sound source, to open sound box; To turn it off when you closed speakers first, and then closed the main sound source. In also when the phone is switched on the volume of the power amplifier should be switch to a minimum, prevent damage of instantaneous volume speakers; 2' Use environment 】 In the process of use, we had better not place the speakers in direct sunlight place, do not place heavy objects on the upper bluetooth speakers more, to prevent the shell deformation. Other also to pay attention to the environmental temperature portable bluetooth speaker, general speaker equipment normal ambient temperature shall be 18 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, low temperature is too high will reduce the sensitivity of some parts such as electronic machine; 3 [ Volume 】 When we use portable bluetooth speaker to appreciate music, to prevent the boot when the volume of the sound will be dispatched to the largest, just haven't boot due to acoustic components through preheating stage, larger volume will make it work at full capacity in an instant, form the element damage, so for a long time will make some internal weak sound component failure. At every time of using portable bluetooth stereo, with soft music in the first best medium volume under the condition of preheating ten minutes; Matters needing attention of different quality bluetooth speakers sound effect of natural is different, we want to enjoy a better quality, can choose the high quality of the speakers. Bluetooth speakers use after a period of time to let's charge in time, we'd better all the time in advance for the speakers, do not charge ratio, power has run out.
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