Bluetooth speakers price is how many money?

by:HTong      2020-09-08

bluetooth speaker and how much will it cost?

for most bluetooth speakers, especially cheap, twenty yuan, even ten yuan, most of them are cutting corners, besides there is no safe authentication, the shell are also cheap material, basically all is plastic material, and flammability is very high, most of the bluetooth speakers will be the temperature rise at the time of charging, if it is plastic material, after the temperature rise is easy to deformation, according to test some bluetooth speakers temperature as high as 95 degrees Celsius, even may melt the plastic. The worst result is bluetooth speakers don't flame retardant short-circuit direct combustion. So when choosing the bluetooth speakers, insurance device must have, shell material, of course, also cannot be ignored, it is best to choose metal material, such ability can reach one hundred percent flame retardant.

for bluetooth speaker, actually a start small make up also felt that is very simple, just choose a seemingly good quality and high sales. But after watching the quality of the online report, don't say, I think, is 50 yuan, 100 yuan even bluetooth speaker is also less smoke a few packs of cigarettes, it must change the good, after all it is the soul of the music enthusiasts, not negotiable. Of course is not only a bluetooth speakers, most people now use the bluetooth headset, also want to choose the brand and the quality of, after all the internal battery, no small matter for life safety.

many hobbies outdoor sports friends heard music used in the journey, so choice is particularly important for bluetooth speakers. As is known to all, now many places have sell bluetooth speakers, generally to business super, or is by the side of the road, mobile phone shops now have this thing, the appearance of the bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and generally easy to carry presbyopia, ordinary brand of industry standards. Now, some friends will choose to taobao, jingdong bluetooth speakers find a sales high above, with the peace of mind.

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