Bluetooth speakers use matters needing attention

by:HTong      2020-09-21
As the people who love music, more or less in the home will be equipped with a sound box. But sometimes found sound suddenly see all kinds of problems, most of the problems are caused when we use the speakers, so speakers when use should pay attention to what problem? Small make up today under the simple introduction for you.

sound when use note:

for new buy sound box, we are going to like a new car for a break-in, namely speakers in the world is 'warm', only after full break-in, speakers can reach their potential. Because internal speakers 'horn' are important components determine the speaker sound quality and service life of key components, and the horn is mostly composed of strengthening paper cone or bullet-proof cloth, new speakers are generally more stiff, need softening process, so speakers to talk on it is better to listen to, more durable. Many people find speakers need to boil for some time is better to listen to. We agreed, the only difference is someone preaching to crazy in clay pot with big volume. This is not right. Talk on the adaptation of the speaker and car is actually a truth, slowly break-in would make mechanical parts ( Vibration part is equivalent to mechanical part) Get the best break-in, the pot is not at all good for speakers, clay pot bad voice coil may be out of shape. Therefore simmered just have taste, easy to appear otherwise, sharp, hoarseness, broken voice rang imbalance problems. As to the specific methods of warm, please go to online search related knowledge, don't go into here.

sound when use note 2:

use place: any stereo to the most loudly, will appear the phenomenon such as broken sound, so the volume is the most open to 8 achievement about, was the sound power is 40 w, if average household within 100 square meters of space used, is more than enough, if you put on the square, or a big classroom use, is that its power cannot afford.

sound when use note 3:

prevent sudden shock on the large signal: generally has the following several ways: one is because the last time listening potentiometer switch cycle minimum or not after others maloperation potentiometer, a ring is in a state of the volume, large signal impact. Secondly, the music in a sudden big dynamic segments. These fragments to emphasize contrast, before the arrival of large dynamic, most signals are very weak. At this time, if not prepared, the music is big, big dynamic signal is easy to broken horn. Such as explosions, big drum, the thunder and so on. The third case is sound in normal work, suddenly insert, signal lines, power cord, then will produce large current shock, the most easy to damage the speakers.

sound when use note 4:

at ordinary times attention to standardize operation: when listening to check the wiring is correct, whether the potentiometer position too. Operations, such as start-up, shutdown and restart, the speaker volume should be close to the minimum or shut down the power supply, prevent the impact of the large current damage to the speakers. Should as far as possible away from the speaker, when singing karaoke microphone to speakers, avoid to produce the noise and even burning high unit. In order to protect the speaker at the same time, in the general application of the volume of the speakers don't drive too big, as long as enough, 1/2 or so is ok, because in addition to voice distortion, part of the large dynamic fever dish is absolutely sound box killer. Active speakers on the market, although the nominal power is large ( Even with exaggeration to hundreds of W) , but that is not the actual power, generally speaking, there are dozens of W even bigger. Therefore, when using, don't work long time volume, power supply and the amplifier circuit, otherwise easy to damage the book posture speakers to prevent accidental collision and falling from the feet, shelves, had better be in the bottom with a few double-sided adhesive. When speakers use after a period of time the sound box line terminal will be more or less oxidation, this layer of oxide film will greatly affect the contact state, which cause a decrease in quality, the user application of detergent to clean the contact point, in order to maintain the best connection status.

sound when use note 5:

avoid under the harsh environment use: speakers of various components, such as wood, paper of basin, treble silk membrane, suspension, centering bracket, adhesives, voice coil and so on are more sensitive to the change of temperature humidity. Temperature too low or too high will affect the stability of these parts, such as low temperature less than 5 degrees Celsius, hanging edge easy to brittle, if the volume at this time, it is easy to cause the suspended edge fracture. Such as high temperature more than 40 degrees Celsius, voice coil overheating, cause noise degradation. So the speaker should avoid to light place, next to the radiator and sub-zero temperatures. The influence of humidity is big, if it is too dry, sound box outside the wood veneer will burst, thick wooden box body is easy to crack. The solution is to buy humidifier or put a basin of water in the interior. If the humidity is too big, sound easy tide moldy, voice so powerless, wiring and easy to oxidation. The solution is to put some desiccant, desiccant indoors. In addition, the speaker dust and clean is also very important, not best plus dust cover when listening to the speaker, on the surface of the speaker can use dry towel dipped in warm water after cleaning wipes, but must remember that can be turned on after water all dry.

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