Bluetooth speakers which brand is good, sound box daily how to maintain

by:HTong      2020-09-27
Maintain sound equipment, scientifically is the key to extend the life. Here are some of the daily maintenance of common sense:

1. Before he put sound in a pocket or bag, please shut down the sound, if accidentally press the multifunction button, mobile phone may accidentally dial.

2。 Because the sound is not waterproof, don't let the sound contact liquid, moisture, humidity or rain.

3。 Do not use corrosive cleaners clean up the sound.

4。 Don't make sound exposure to the temperature too high or too low.

5。 Don't let the sound by direct sunlight for a long time.

6。 Don't let the stereo is near the fire, such as cooking stove.

7。 Do not discard the stereo in the fire, because this will lead to explode.

8。 Don't let the sound contact with any sharp objects, because it can cause scratches and damage.

9。 Don't jab at any items within the audio, because it may damage the internal components.

10。 Do not attempt to open acoustics, because it does not contain any repair kit.

11。 If long time don't want to use audio, please store it in a dry place, need to recharge the stereo at least once a month to extend battery life, avoid extreme temperatures and dust.

12。 Avoid where the temperature is too high or too low recharge sound.

13。 According to local regulations, discarded batteries and acoustics. Don't take it as a domestic waste disposal.

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