Bluetooth speakers with different wireless speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-12

at present there are 2 know wireless speakers. 4 g wireless speaker, bluetooth speaker, WiFi speakers, infrared speakers, bluetooth speakers, unlike other wireless speakers, but it has its unique charm.

1。 Widely used

the specifications of the bluetooth technology has the uniformity, both phones, tablets and laptops, as long as the bluetooth module, bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect bluetooth speakers, wide application and popularization.

2。 Simple operation

bluetooth technology is an instant, it does not require a fixed infrastructure, installation is simple, and can avoid the bondage of wire rod, simple to use convenient. Precisely because it has the characteristics of the bluetooth speaker factory will produce bluetooth speakers in succession, in order to meet the people want to more convenient to operate and use speakers.

3。 Transmission speed faster

compared with other wireless speaker, bluetooth speaker bluetooth transmission protocol have more advantages on the transmission speed, bluetooth 4. Zero transmission speed reached 24 megabits per second, the theory of the 4 now. 2 version came out, although not enough mature, but predictably, bluetooth transmission speed will be faster and faster. Therefore, bluetooth speakers can also carry higher quality music.

4。 Transmission distance is moderate

general bluetooth version of the transmission distance can reach 10 meters, an updated version of bluetooth transmission distance is more than 10 meters, the new version of bluetooth transmission distance. So in indoor use bluetooth speakers don't be afraid is beyond the scope connection, outside also can be used over a wide range of freedom.

because of the characteristics of bluetooth technology, bluetooth speakers have the characteristics of the above, has a distinctive advantages, in order to get the welcome of people, so there are so many bluetooth speaker factory and all kinds of bluetooth speakers.

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