Bluetooth stereo

by:HTong      2020-09-01
Bluetooth stereo, is specially designed for motorists can realize high quality of the bluetooth speakers, hands-free calling its small size, clear communication, and independent music playback system. It as a multi-functional portable speaker with a combination of the stereo, its core function is to let users in the process of driving through the speakers directly connected to the mobile phone bluetooth hands-free calls, after the call, just press the car bluetooth hands-free button on the stereo, calls can be realized, complete liberation hands, reduce the possibility of traffic accidents. To ensure the safety of themselves and others.

bluetooth stereo bluetooth wireless technology based on a stable, highly general based wireless active speakers, the essence of it is still a bluetooth stereo, added a hidden microphone on this basis, to ensure call quality and convenience, and bluetooth stereo with lithium battery, can charge at any time. The use of bluetooth stereo way, is the bluetooth pairing can, via mobile phones and audio is convenient and quick.

because of small size, and the sound quality has certain requirements, qualified car bluetooth stereo generally comes from the research and development of domestic portable audio manufacturers. In addition to inherit portable stereo bluetooth stereo, some characteristics of the advantages such as small size, easy to use, and some novel of the zhongguancun online exposure of piano before the stereo as its car stereo bluetooth series, its fuselage comes with a fixed device, sound can be firmly fixed in the car a certain operating conveniently and reasonable position, makes the sound will not shift with the motion of the car, also avoid the user additional purchase fixed expense. In addition, how to let the user answer is convenient, call sound more clear, and so on. In short, car bluetooth stereo need according to the vehicle application characteristics do more pertinent design and technical improvement, make it more in line with the car application requirements.

drive a car, you can answer the phone via bluetooth, songs, and mobile phones at the same time, also can be used as a mobile phone audio, answer the phone, want to outdoor music, can play card, ACTS as a portable stereo. Can also take notebook bluetooth watch movies at home, listening to songs, and even can be used to voice chat, its more wide application range along with the increase in functionality.

for drive to answer the call, have a special car bluetooth stereo, a built-in hidden microphones, in addition to singing in the car, you can also make sound and cell phone via bluetooth connection, realize the function call.

bluetooth is a bluetooth controller, itself has no external features, achieved by connecting to mobile phone hands-free mobile phone hands-free or sound, so that the effect of mobile phone hands-free may not be ideal, and the voice of the sound is too big, not society.

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