Bluetooth stereo brand list

by:HTong      2020-08-25

bluetooth stereo is at the end of last century produced by a sound equipment, was first proposed by the thought lexrev company concept. And it is more convenient for our life, so also gradually are popular with consumers. Then today by small make up for all listed bluetooth stereo brand list, tell you what brand bluetooth stereo.


brand is introduced: by Amar BOSE is G. Bose founded in 1964, a speaker company, is also the biggest speaker manufacturers. In with The Times change and the growth of the brand popularity, BOSE gradually turning to the audio industry, and with the unremitting efforts, has created more than four hundred kinds of new products. Brand source:


set up time: 1964

2, philips

brand is introduced: philips was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands a appliances company, enjoy a great popularity in the world, the product is widely used to more than one hundred countries, has the world's top r&d team, the total patent project as many as eighty thousand. Now philips production base is also around the world, its product category is numerous.

brand origin: the Netherlands

set up time: 1891

3, JBL

brand is introduced: in the top ten list of bluetooth bluetooth stereo, JBL is known as the speaker is the world's largest enterprises, it is founded in 1946 by JAMES B LANSING. At that time, the company is developed by JBL PRO series products became a global collection of music enthusiasts, and is almost no brand can instead of at the time. Brand source:


set up time: 1946

4, rambler

brand is introduced: rambler was founded in 1996 in guangdong audio brand, is known as 'the world's second largest multimedia enterprise', has a high reputation in the international market. And in the 22 years of its founding, has always been the product quality in the first place, so in all kinds of media audio products have a good reputation. Brand source:


set up time: 1996

5, Libratone

brand is introduced: Libratone is stereo brand founded in Denmark in 2009, and over the years has been committed to the development of unlimited audio equipment, so it's a bluetooth speaker products also belong to the top in the world. One of the most famous is Zipp, Loop, Live, Lounge four series of wireless bluetooth speakers.

brand source: Denmark

set up time: 2009


brand is introduced: in the top ten list of bluetooth bluetooth stereo, DOSS has won the certification of apple, it was founded in 1999 in dongguan is a technology company, owned by one of the most famous is the audio products, has been hailed as a is one of the representative of the domestic audio brand. Brand with years of experience in research and development, successfully developed 30 a number of patented technology, the launch of every product also is a piece of praise. Brand source:


set up time: 1999

7, sound with

brand is introduced: the sound is a dagger by Dave Evans and Brady Bargenquast brand founded in 2006, acoustics, is in the same year they dropped out of the first paragraph AudioEngine5 audio series, and with high quality and cost-effective, quickly by the vast number of enthusiasts, and thus makes the brand gained recognition in the world. Brand source:


set up time: 2006


brand is introduced: SONY was founded in Japan in 1946, a large multinational group, the world's first Walkman is made in SONY, and it is the world's audio-visual, electronic games, communication and so on big area are belong to the existence of the leader. And it has repeatedly boarded by Forbes magazine in the world, every time is in the top 10.

brand source: Japan

set up time: 1946

9, millet

brand is introduced: in the top ten list of bluetooth bluetooth stereo, millet was founded by lei jun in 2010, a smart phone Internet company, is also one of the most famous mobile phone brands in China, also has many fans worldwide. Today of millet has not only confined to the mobile phone of research and development, the computer and audio and digital products, and also got good grades. Brand source:


set up time: 2010

10, Skullcandy

brand is introduced: Skullcandy was established in 2003 in the United States a company headphones and accessories types, basically give priority to with developing noise cancelling headphones, and with its bold and unique design, quickly won the young people's favorite. As the brand reputation in the process of gradually expanding, the types of products also got rich, besides it is famous for its global headphones, also developed the top bluetooth stereo.

brand source: American

set up time: 2003

the above is the list of all content, bluetooth stereo bluetooth speakers more product information, please pay close attention to dongguan electronics co. , LTD.

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