Buy what brand of bluetooth speakers?

by:HTong      2020-08-26

mini bluetooth speaker is the application of bluetooth technology in digital and traditional multimedia speakers, let users can avoid annoying wires stumbles, comfortable

in a variety of ways to listen to music. Since the advent of bluetooth speakers, with the development of the intelligent terminal by mobile phone tablet, etc. The user's attention.

bluetooth technology ( 蓝牙) Let the speakers wireless possible.

bluetooth speakers to buy what brand is good?

1 ─ and facilitate the characteristics of mobile wireless;

2 ─ battery life as long as possible;

3 ─ the data can't decide whether they like;

4 ─ can keep eight Within 10 meters transmission effect is not affected;

the most important decision to buy 5 ─ the factors or speaker sound quality;

6 ─ anti-interference is stronger;

7 ─ music broadcast will not be broken when the sound;

8 ─ of course to match their play equipment is crucial; Buy what kind of bluetooth speaker bluetooth speakers what brand good

with the development of bluetooth speakers, brand is various, full of beautiful things in eyes, how to choose a good bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker manufacturer brand is not the key, can satisfy his

needs, appropriate oneself is the key.

select speakers need to focus on key points listed below:

a bluetooth compatibility,

bluetooth speakers just as its name implies is to join the bluetooth receiver module of the speakers. But you should know that bluetooth is needed equipment and equipment matching between

, so the bluetooth speakers can with own broadcast equipment perfect combination is particularly important.

bluetooth version compatibility is divided into two parts supporting and bluetooth device matching two aspects.

a good bluetooth speakers should have widely compatibility, can support the mainstream 3 now. Bluetooth version of 0, also can match with almost all bluetooth

device ( Such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop) 。

of course to match their play equipment is crucial.

2, transmission distance

as wireless technology, bluetooth wireless transmission is an important feature of the bluetooth speakers. Wholesale bluetooth speakers often use one scenario is that hold on my mobile phone or flat

board to play on the sofa, and speakers on the other side of the desk, are far apart, the transmission distance is a very important factor in choosing the speakers.

8 - general bluetooth speakers can support Transmission distance up to 10 m, but will be broadcast equipment and bluetooth speakers between separated by walls or the influence of the big cabinet


bluetooth speakers, so a good strong anti-interference to compare, in the case of interval are few signal transmission is stable and can keep eight 10 meters smuggled

lost the effect is not affected.

of course, in general, in order to good listening experience, and will do their best to eliminate interference.

three, battery

bluetooth speakers generally should be portable, wireless and facilitate the characteristics of mobile users will buy a bluetooth speaker bluetooth speakers take out, put in the car, room

in mobile and so on. Now on the market of bluetooth speakers generally is built-in battery, the battery charging time and battery life, battery life is

is very important.

a good bluetooth speakers, should support 4 - after a full charge The normal volume 6 hours of play time, can support the charge while using, battery life

as long as possible.

of course want to battery service life is long, need to users to protect the battery when using bluetooth speaker manufacturers have almost filled again, use electricity as far as possible to reduce charge while using


4, broadcast quality

USES bluetooth speakers to buy what kind of bluetooth speaker is better, after all, all is in order to better auditory experience than broadcast equipment. The most important decisions

buy factors or speaker sound quality.

and a qualified bluetooth speakers, within the scope of the speakers on the volume, music playback when there will not be broken sound, such as current acoustic noise, sound quality pure

is, distortion rate below 1%, etc.

of course, the sound quality is good, see the data can't decide whether I like it, is want to rely on personal sense, listening to a familiar song think timbre good

love is the most important thing.

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