Can any speakers into the bluetooth speakers fittings of magic

by:HTong      2020-08-27

more and more people are accustomed to using a mobile phone to play, enjoy the music. That's right, that it really is very convenient, in the case of most don't wear a headset, as long as you open the phone bluetooth function, and the bluetooth speaker pairing in the home. Bluetooth speakers also therefore become mobile phone accessories market to be bestowed favor on newly, it including some good products, such as the speaker is a good choice of Jawbone.

of course, although the bluetooth speakers use convenient, but for some people there are very few products can meet their needs in sound quality. For these people, they are more likely to use the trouble a line the way their own mobile phones and the old HiFi speakers in the home together, to hear better.

now British designer Paul Cocksedge inspiration, bringing us a can be any speaker without bluetooth into bluetooth speakers products, its name is called: The Vamp. The Vamp design is very delicate and cabinet, and combines The science and technology with fashionable breath. It is no wonder that The Vamp looks very temptation, its designers Paul Cocksedge worked for BMW, SONY, swarovski, hermes and other well-known brand of consumer goods design products, some works of modern art museum in London. Design and function:

The Vamp have red, white and black three color, The irregular of The cube design, modelling is unique, volume is very light, we can put it in my pocket. The little one integrates some old-fashioned audio cable interface, can be in the past few years is longer but the sound quality is great speakers to connect with. At the same time it also has the function of the bluetooth pairing, to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other bluetooth devices of music via bluetooth receiver. In this way, a mobile phone can music via bluetooth played on The old HiFi speakers, in other words, The Vamp can do not have any bluetooth speaker into a genuine bluetooth speakers. Hardware configuration and The life:

let The Vamp have such performance, in addition to The bluetooth audio input, cables, audio output, and The power amplifier inside it. 4 watts mono amplifier may support HiFi speakers of any size, and the built-in rechargeable battery to complete her mission for at least 10 hours of life, if you did not use too much of a voice to listen to music, can even reach the whole day at this time. After running out, you can through The miniUSB interface on The Vamp recharged.

interesting put way:

The Vamp also has an interesting design, that is it has a piece of magnet magnetic force is good, if you think you put it on speaker at The top of some boring, and it does not cool design, you can literally its adsorption on a metal object. How to connect to speakers:

due to The Vamp designed especially for old HiFi speakers owner, so The more comprehensive and speakers access into consideration. For certain models of speakers, you can use a head is 3. Is 5 mm standard audio plug and a dual channel audio cable lines on them. There are more than ten years history for my house in the speakers just apply this method. For other types of vintage speakers, generally they have a fixed in the back of the speaker cables, cannot be replaced. We as long as The other side of The two audio line CARDS in The Vamp corresponding interface. These speakers are common in the past. How to connect to mobile phones or other players:

of course, The most simple way is to use bluetooth, The mobile phone and The Vamp to connect. This is The true meaning of Vamp born. But if you are using iPod or other no bluetooth music player, The Vamp also provides us with an alternative approach: The Vamp can provide such a cable in The package, it is a head of miniUSB plug, The other is for a period of 3. 5 mm standard headphones plug, will be 3. 5 mm plug on The player, then miniUSB plug connected to The USB interface of The Vamp, can connect The two together. Then music player audio signal through The Vamp output to old-fashioned HiFi sound box, we can use them to appreciate The music again.

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