Card audio products

by:HTong      2020-09-28

card audio products window

fashion appearance: atmospheric poise, high finish shell, intuitive interface and function keys and clear.

plug is sowing: intelligent Micro SD/TF card or usb drive all MP3 files, plug the sow.

perfect sound: overweight subwoofer speakers, the sound quality is exquisite, pure reduction effect is obvious, low distortion, is known as in the realm of the stereo music angel.

screen: the screen displays the current operating status, easy to operate.

FM to receive sound: built-in FM radio, intelligent automatic searching.

headphone output: 3. 5 mm double channel stereo headphone output.

AUX input: 3. 5 mm voice input interface, can be connected computers, mobile phones, MP3 and other audio equipment.

memory play: automatic memory last time you quit playing songs.

external battery: the large capacity battery, support for a long time, long battery life, can be directly by the USB charging.

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