Common problems and maintenance methods of the stereo

by:HTong      2020-09-26

in the life, for the stereo, we often encounter a few problems. After meet don't know how to solve it. Today small make up teach you a few applications in speakers often some of the problems of maintenance knowledge.

a. Off the machine.

in this case, you can check:

1. Is there a battery.

2。 Connect the power supply switch on? If the connection is power supply can boot can replace new batteries to try. ( Pay attention to whether batteries shrapnel can access to the battery is negative. 3: under the condition of the battery power supply is normal check whether the switch button is damaged.

2. Audio input.

in this case, you can check:

1. To determine whether the power amplifier and loudspeaker OK, can be inserted U disk or card to play if there is a sound? Such as a voice can determine for audio input circuit has a problem.

2。 Check whether the audio input socket is damaged.

3。 Check whether there is audio input circuit problem.

3. Don't read U disk.

in this case, you can check:

1. USB is damaged.

2。 USB 1 foot if power supply is normal.

3: USB base 2 ` 3 if there is a short circuit, open respectively by master 32 33 feet.

4: USB 4 feet is grounded.

5: there is no damage to master.

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