Four kinds of bluetooth speakers use

by:HTong      2020-09-22

as more motorists paid attention to the security and speed of driving calls, bluetooth hands-free devices gradually flourished. However, spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy a bluetooth hands-free car only to driving time of call, the in the mind always feel a little sick.

actually, completely don't have to. Car bluetooth stereo speaker, in fact, in addition to being able to serve as a good assistant driving calls outside, can also play value in many other places.

driving safety and health

to call the driver, road traffic in front of unpredictable, turn the steering wheel sharply still have to play on several rounds. This time will lead to you immediately report to the customer information and the project schedule. Pick up? Don't pick up? If driving, high side by hand to answer the phone while driving is in jeopardy. Fast-moving traffic around the road could rushed out of the people or cars at any time; Don't pick up the delay schedule or lead to leadership. Then if there is a car bluetooth stereo, for the driver is almost took a pair of shots, pick up! Beat it! No nothing to worry about. When driving calls, therefore, have the car bluetooth stereo, navigate to guarantee the safety of.

use bluetooth stereo answering the telephone, actually also is good for your health. Do you know that call two hours of radiation can cook an egg, on ear headphones damage far more than phone radiation damage. Hands-free calls is kill two birds with one stone, namely can significantly reduce the radiation damage as soon as possible, and to avoid the headset ear non-recoverable damage, attaches great importance to the healthy can we ignore the daily life details!

enjoy music feast outdoors

holiday, drive outing with friends, natural scenery is pleasant to let a person satisfied the eyes, suddenly also want an auditory feast. At this point, we just need the car out of the car bluetooth stereo, after connecting to the mobile phone, we will be able to enjoy their favorite music. Sat together and with family and friends can also experience the spectacular music nap. And mobile phones directly compare, bluetooth stereo audio nature is much better.

conference call convenient solution

the customer wants to a conference call, but the company's telephone conference system is broken! Try so hard, how to do? Using a mobile phone, listen to still can, but to speak a little bit far away from the microphone, convenient to can not hear you clearly. Have, have not bluetooth stereo? And cell phone on, it is a convenient telephone conference system. Passed each other the voice clear, crucially, this way to talk as long as within a few metres, voice also naturally clear clear. Small car bluetooth stereo, at that time you will feel how sweet it is!

to install on your computer sound

at home and watch movie, but the sound is broken, and the computer's own voice is too small, could not find there is a large shock! Is depressed! Don't worry, you don't have car bluetooth stereo? Bluetooth connection, open a computer, and hands-free matching, a simple sound alternative with respect to OK. Although the stereo is not so rich, but the volume of the clear sound quality and enough or can make you satisfied!

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