Four ways of television by speakers

by:HTong      2020-08-31

now TV is very thin, but the voice of the television are not perfect, so more and more consumers begin to choose the equipment, such as external speakers for TV speakers are not familiar with friends, you can refer to the TV and sound box are connected by several methods.

the first: bluetooth connection

on the market at present most of the smart TV have bluetooth function, and if you happen to also buy bluetooth speakers, you can through the way of wireless bluetooth to connect, not only operation is very convenient, but also can save affect beautiful cables.

the specific mode of operation: turn on the TV and bluetooth speakers, and search the current on the TV set can identify the bluetooth device, after matching connection, can perfect external speaker instead of the horn sound. The second: traditional AUX output interface

AUX output interface basically covers all television equipment, whether old TV or latest smart TV, so you need to worry about is not able to use this interface. As a traditional ancient interface, therefore may lag on sound quality, sometimes may produce current sound, so do not recommend you to use this kind of connection mode. Specific connection mode: a lotus lotus revolution of double female RCA online purchase a second tieline, then transfer audio wiring a connection to the television factory configuration of a three tieline red Kong Duan; Two separate end take separate red, white and RCA audio line into the sound system of left/right audio input port.

the third: HDMI output, convenient and quick, quality guaranteed

if the TV have an HDMI output interface, sound also have HDMI input interface, in this case, directly buy a HDMI cable connection can realize the connection, so you can pay attention to their own television have HDMI interface.

4 kinds: SPDIF connections, concrete can be divided into two coaxial and fiber optic

this kind of connection mode should be the most favorite music enthusiasts. Both coaxial and fiber optic transmission signals are the same, but different carrier, attachment appearance also some differences.

specific connection mode, for a single coaxial cable and optical fiber cables, respectively connected to the TV and speakers equipment fiber coaxial interfaces or interface, but it is important to note that this kind of connection mode often need to set up TV and speakers equipment. So everyone in the connection, can enter the TV equipment interface, open sound, then open the fiber output mode, audio equipment owing to the different models, specific operation completed reference manual.

so, several methods of the above is the TV speakers, small make up here, hope to be able to help a good friend to you, if you have not understand place can contact, we will be patient answer for you.

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