Have you ever heard of bluetooth speakers can give mobile phone wireless charging

by:HTong      2020-09-04
Bluetooth speaker, also can realize wireless charging function? A lot of people encounter this problem, may meng. But in front of the science and technology, it has become a reality. Bluetooth speakers, wireless charger is a digital products which are frequently used in daily life, but the two independent equipment will occupy a desktop, a lot of valuable space of the head of a bed, Dr Vatican wireless bluetooth speakers filling is very clever to combine the two into a device.

the wireless charging is applicable to various types of mobile phone, like apple iPhoneX/samsung MIX2S S9 and millet, wireless charging not only subverts the traditional line filling inconvenience, because of its cool function is increasingly popular in the market. Vatican Dr Mobile wireless bluetooth speakers seize the demand, it is filling with wireless charging module, simply put the phone flat speaker above, intelligent chip will activate the cell phone battery, charge their phone quickly, at the same time of enjoying music, movies, entertainment, quick to mobile phone wireless charging.

but in actual use process, there may be many users ask questions. For example, 'mobile phone on speaker, play music with the strong sense of rhythm, cell phone will fall? 'Brahman Dr Mobile wireless bluetooth speakers filling specially for this kind of vibration increase the counter weight, prevent its speakers play songs, affects a mobile wireless charging, even if felt strong smooth can charge again.

at the same time, the blessed one Dr Mobile wireless bluetooth speakers adopt intelligent triage charging matrix, automatically assigns output, quick charge is not hot, care for mobile phones, speakers electronic components for you at any time, extend the life of the equipment.

as a wireless bluetooth speakers, the Vatican is equipped with Dr V4. 2 bluetooth technology, which can realize connection 10 m wide scope, sound and stable transmission device synchronization. Nano double diaphragm and four unit horn design, its high performance, low descend strength greatly, strengthen the voice of three-dimensional elasticity, low frequency high frequency bright, able to control the various types of music.

Dr Vatican wireless bluetooth speaker can not only support mobile wireless charging, bluetooth, and connected to the power supply interface and AUX interface can be mobile, tablet, notebook and desktop computer, creative and versatile charging mode.

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