Home theater speaker how to buy?

by:HTong      2020-09-23

nowadays, a lot of people want to buy a home theater speakers at home, but they don't know how to choose, especially in terms of speakers, very confused, don't know how to start. So, how to select speakers?

in the first place, a lot of people when choosing home theater speakers tend to think big volume must be better than small, actually this is a myth. Now don't blindly pursue the size of the speakers, especially in the Japanese power amplifier 'qi' serious cases, it is hard to push the large floor speakers. Home theater is an exquisite collocation balanced integrated systems, blindly spend the budget on the speakers, will lead to unbalanced collocation, small mara carts.

second, sales of big doesn't necessarily suit you. This is just have a little knowledge on home cinema speakers friend a common point of view, in fact it is easy to understand. Go shopping in the supermarket, found a heap of don't know the brand, but there is a seen on advertising, just feel this is a big brand, the effect will be better, or in the phone APP search home theater speaker and then according to sales order, find a lot of bargain sales, we'll feel everybody buy it must be very good. Actually otherwise, the real good things, and sales is not necessarily proportional to the.

everyone to the different requirements of sound, the understanding of music degree is different, use different environment, and the room structure is different, so should choose the equipment is also different, with fine products you don't like others, effect is not good. Actually the best speakers is best for you, and choose the function of the speaker itself measure. General home theater systems can be divided into three most audio, power amplifier and pronunciation unit, speakers and audio, power amplifier matches to play to the best effect. Therefore, is the best way to buy sound box first, and then to buy other parts.

speakers, the most important point is to see the sound effects, powerful configuration with Dolby * Digital surround sound and Pro Logic II 5. 1 channel decoding, brought home theater beyond imagination perfect sound, let users can easily enjoy the real 5 in the home. 1 surround sound. And, the details voice is also very pure, clear, Musical Instruments sound rich details, 5. 1 surround sound field, bass, treble not harsh, enough to meet the different needs of different users. Now home theater speakers use a wireless connection, as long as the plug in the power and position of speakers can be random, don't have to worry about by complex wire winding. With that, the feeling in the home also can enjoy the cinema.

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