How do you use the bluetooth card speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-26
1, bluetooth and card are two

bluetooth for wireless connection, while the card is the speakers can be inserted into the memory card, play music files in the memory card.

2, speakers card function

associated with built-in music player formats, a regular card speakers in MP3 format. In addition, the memory card also is more TF ( Such as mobile phone commonly used small card) Memory card, a few compatible with SD memory card, when you buy should pay attention to.

use steps a

before using for the first time, charge, we suggest that the first bluetooth stereo fully charged. Charging method is very simple: insert the plug of the charger bluetooth stereo charging outlet, then put the charger connected to the ac power or personal computer. Charging indicator when charging, charging is completed, the light is not bright.

here, connection equipment can be used with bluetooth equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, PSP, or has a 3. Headphone jack 5 mm socket, mobile phones and MP3, MP4, computer headphone jack, such as can be.

1。 Bluetooth connection:

1) The bluetooth stereo boot;

( 2) Activate the phone ( Or other device) After the bluetooth, find bluetooth Settings, choose the bluetooth stereo;

( 3) Need password: device name: MYVISION; Password: 0000 or 1234:

4) Some phones do not need to enter a password, select the 'pair' directly. '

2. Turn wiring connections: use two head are 3. 5 mm line connection.

3, status indicator light ( 负责)

1。 Standby/standby: flashing blue

2. Charging: red

3. Charging:

4 red light is out. Card mode: blue light flash (slow Support card function of bluetooth stereo)

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