How to choose and to understand the advantages and disadvantages of wireless audio wireless audio begin

by:HTong      2020-09-23
Wireless audio is don't need through the audio line to connect, currently on the market is mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is a bluetooth wireless stereo, another is the wifi wireless audio, now these two sound accounted for most of the market, they are very suitable for computers, mobile phones and activities outside the home in, so what are the strengths and weaknesses of the wireless audio wireless audio should be how to choose and buy, below small make up to introduce under it.

a: the advantages and disadvantages of wireless stereo bluetooth wireless stereo

advantage: the bluetooth technology is now used more widely in our life, perfectly uniform, can be connected with mobile phones, computers, cars and other equipment, as long as have a bluetooth adapter can connect, have good compatibility. Bluetooth stereo operation is very simple, delicate and cabinet, convenient to carry, without fixed infrastructure, allows you to use anytime and anywhere, just can use the bluetooth pairing, the threshold is lower.

disadvantages: the use of bluetooth stereo has a certain range, if beyond the range of bluetooth connectivity, voice will automatically disconnect, this is the deficiency of bluetooth wireless stereo, in addition, bluetooth wireless audio signal is not stable, often appear interference signal.

wireless audio the advantages and disadvantages of the two: WiFi wireless audio

advantages: for WiFi wireless audio, mobile phones, such as WiFi terminal just remote control, sound after start playing, had nothing to do with cell phones, even after you close your mobile phone, the sound can be played according to the preset list, and you will not affect how far your WiFi wireless audio work, very free, and mobile music and WiFi wireless stereo music is independent and mutual influence.

faults: WiFi wireless audio anti interference ability is very weak, in the process of said use less stable, compared with bluetooth wireless stereo, it lacks the support of the bluetooth stereo phone, appear drab. Wireless audio

how to choose and buy

1, wireless audio when the choose and buy, we should seriously look at the inside to see if there is a built-in battery, if there is no built-in battery is not convenient to carry, not to buy.

2, check myself using equipment can not compatible wireless audio.

3, different wireless speakers sound quality has the very big difference, before buying, it's best to start playing around with its quality.

4, currently on the market mainstream wireless stereo bluetooth wireless stereo.

small make up summary conclusion: that is how small make up about the advantages and disadvantages of wireless audio wireless audio related introduction of choose and buy, wireless audio now in use in our life has been quite common, elegant appearance, he received the favour of many young people, if you want to buy a wireless audio, according to the above content, choose a the most suitable for their own.

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