How to improve the sound quality bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-27
1, the computer, tablet, the volume of the mobile intelligent terminals, such as adjusting to about 80% of the volume, speaker volume adjustment is 80% and the following, should not be too high or too low.

2, less interference, voice more beautiful. Indoor household electrical appliances and computers should be avoided and audio sharing a set of power supply, even to put together from elsewhere for power supply. Secondly make connection with also absorb noise damage each other between line and line quality. Both in equipment and cables, should keep from other appliances or the interference of the power cord. As far as possible used separately.

3, played in the process of rich music type, as far as possible with speakers as far as possible let speakers of high, medium and low frequency are fully extend. Prevent shrapnel from a speaker for a long time did not use can lead to aging.

4, furniture sundry is already a good sound-absorbing material, spread a carpet had basically strengthen sound-absorbing effect. Coupled with the benefits of carpet is can reduce the reflections of the floor, avoid mixed voice through positive cloudy. In addition, the room of glass and mirror will have strong reflection sound effect, need to use the curtain to keep out to solve the problem. Adopting these measures can effectively and sound-absorbing, prevent echo sound box.

5, behind the speakers placed one yuan coin, or in the four corners at the bottom of each put a cork mat ( Or rubber pad) Increase the earthquake effect, also can promote speakers sound quality performance.

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