How to pick a portable mini speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-08

in the era of mobile phones, tablet computers, in an era of entertainment, in the pursuit of life to enjoy more and more refined era, people are not content to mobile phones, tablet itself, so a lot of people will choose to purchase then one or two portable mini speakers to improve the quality of mobile phone, tablet. But how to choose?

a, sound quality.

no matter what the speakers, the sound quality is the soul of it, although portable mini bluetooth speaker sound quality can't do very well, but as long as the quality is better than the sound quality of mobile phone, tablet, voice can be more big, and the same type of amp sounds great, so that it can reflect the value of it.

2, appearance.

the sound quality is the first thing to consider, but believe that a lot of people care about the appearance, after all, now is to look at the appearance of the level of the world, if it's with a ugly speakers to match his love machine, believe a lot of people are not willing to, ha ha. When be being bought so, or select a appearance let oneself like speakers, later won't regret it.

three, broadcast way.

a good portable mini bluetooth speaker, in addition to need to be able to connect the bluetooth, can also support memory card play, play audio line is better, after all you buy portable speaker is not just to a loudspeaker, can support multiple broadcast way speakers are more natural advantage, more practical.

4, battery life.

portable mini bluetooth speaker battery life is also very important, although its size determines its hold large capacity battery, but the battery life how also to achieve 3 ~ 5 hours worth buying, or it is not portable speaker.

5, price.

this believe that less is known to all, the choose and buy when the speakers want to shop around, than quality, price and so on, the last to choose good quality, price, and can let yourself accept the speakers.

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