How to use bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-02
Bluetooth speaker is a member of the family of audio, but many people are buying back but I do not know how the things used for? This is very embarrassing, but it does not matter, because you come to the right place. Below small make up to explain how the bluetooth speakers use, and what are its strengths? Hope these to be of help.

1。 First of all, your computer must have bluetooth module, if not please configure a USB bluetooth interface.

2。 With bluetooth module after the computer must also install a bluetooth management software, such as IVT BlueSoleil, installation of IVT BlueSoleil after the external bluetooth ( If the computer doesn't have built-in bluetooth) Insert the computer USB interface

3. Open the software, open the bluetooth speaker power, double-click the software interface of the search equipment, when find bluetooth speakers

4. After equipment, double click on the search service, will find a bluetooth audio high quality service, at this time may need to input connection password, the password prompt after the connection is successful

5. At this point will automatically switch the audio equipment to the bluetooth speakers, you can use the bluetooth speakers play music. Widely used


global bluetooth specification, the mobile phone, PDA, wireless headset, notebook computers, cars, medical equipment, computer peripherals, and many other devices, as long as have a bluetooth adapter, can be easily connected bluetooth devices, transmission of data or voice communication, widely popular, good compatibility.

2, easy to operate,

bluetooth technology is an instant, it does not require a fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up, don't need to cable connection can be realized, easy to use, simply complete the matching can be put into use, operating the threshold is low.

3, transmission faster than other approaches such as infrared, bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious on speed, bluetooth 4. 0 theory of high speed reached 24 megabits per second, faster speed can guarantee a higher quality, make it have enough ability to load rate higher music.

4, moderate transmission distance

bluetooth transmission distance, generally within 10 meters, just the size of a room, and partition data transmission, suitable for household environment.

although has many, but because of a bluetooth transmission protocol and other 2. 4 g device, is with the spectrum of the signal, it also inevitably lead to signals from interfering with each other. In addition, the bluetooth protocol is not a free technology, any use of the technology vendors must pay a royalty to the organization, and will be reflected in the cost of this part of the cost, bluetooth audio equipment price is still higher than ordinary products in 2012.

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