'In the history of the most beautiful sound box' Solo one booking has more than 100000

by:HTong      2020-09-03
As you sound enthusiasts, for waiting a acme speaker is what? Maybe you are looking for such a speaker has always failed. If so, the Solo one is domestic independent planner alliance 'emie find gen 100' after the energy blade mobile power supply, introduced in the second paragraph of product. Solo one planning concept is based on people-oriented, through interaction experience that people are increasingly feeling less than technology. The cooperative planner from a speaker products, filled the gap of speaker product planning, let the Solo one solid thought can break traditional speaker manufacturers, from the user usage scenarios, planning conforms to the young man's common speakers of space aesthetics. Single from appearance, Solo one bluetooth speakers planning is very beautiful, very innovative interactive planning and combined sound planning all let everyone see speakers image deeply. Planners hope it more as a beautiful decoration, the curve as the main element of planning, stainless steel metal mesh material on the front panel, the back shell is imitation wood grain processing of ABS, the former supply better sound quality and appearance, which avoids the difficulty of wood processing and roa problems together, also changed the general users to speakers stereotypes. It creatively to incorporate two sound sources in a box body, through a special surface cavity to complete fidelity and expand. So, a speaker can bring the whole space surround sound. Together, Solo the surface appearance of the one to make it no matter in where, can let a person in a while to notice it in common. In the room, even if not to listen to music, is also a ornament his room decoration. Cavity grained planning, the novelty of a classic wood and metal materials is both opposite and consistent, as if we take a rest in the cement forests, and are keen to touch the real beauty of the forest. Solo, one of the most special is the speaker interaction in an unprecedented 'touch' way, in addition to 'touch' start, its adjustment of the volume is also done through curve sliding wood shell, extremely use up to tease. More efficient and low consumption of bluetooth solutions and NFC perfect allocate, thoroughly before make the process of scanning and wait for history.
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