Introduction to wireless bluetooth speakers use method

by:HTong      2020-09-14
Wireless bluetooth speakers across the streets, but for a wireless bluetooth speakers primary starters or it is necessary to learn the use of the wireless bluetooth speakers. Wireless bluetooth speakers use primer before have to buy a wireless bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker market, you only need to hundreds of pieces can buy a great wireless bluetooth speakers. Introduction to wireless bluetooth speakers use first wireless bluetooth speakers to be paired up with mobile phones, matching methods: 1. Long press the power button to start the wireless bluetooth speakers. 2. Open the phone, find the phone & other; Set up & throughout; Keys, cell phone bluetooth search; 3. Mobile search and wireless bluetooth speakers after the success of the match, will make the drop of a ring, said the ratio of success; 4. Enjoy wireless bluetooth speakers bring you endless joy. The function of the wireless bluetooth speakers go far beyond the music, it can also take pictures, answering the telephone, 36, martial arts, wireless bluetooth speakers can everything. In the mobile phone is paired wireless bluetooth speakers, cell phone camera function, can use a key to achieve wireless bluetooth speakers take pictures, pictures more natural, better hi, of course. When the telephone access, simply press a wireless bluetooth speaker power supply, can be a key to answer the phone, after the release of double, natural answer. Above all, is a wireless bluetooth speakers use introductory methods, more the use of the wireless bluetooth speakers, look forward to you to find the oh. The above information is derived from: bluetooth speaker manufacturers, welcome to reprint, reprint please indicate the source. More than 90% also see the following article: what is the difference between bluetooth speakers and traditional speakers bluetooth speakers don't have electricity, how to recharge the bluetooth speakers?
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