Is it expensive to bluetooth speakers price choosing bluetooth speaker should pay attention to

by:HTong      2020-08-29
Say to listen to music and sound are not strange to most people, the speakers this accessories nature is essential, now more and more people to use rise more convenient, so a lot of love the bluetooth speakers. A high price then bluetooth speakers and bluetooth speakers when the choice must pay attention to which a few points. Is it expensive to bluetooth speakers price

bluetooth speakers expensive, speakers price is divided into several kinds, 20 - if you choose 30 the price is low, if you choose to 30 - Dash 50 this is the price, if you choose up to 50 - This is belong to the average 70, if it is 70 - 100 then the price is belong to high-end, the above prices are for reference only. When choosing or according to their own needs to choose suitable price, in general such as the low price is not on behalf of the sound quality is bad, but are more expensive, relatively sound quality it will be better.

bluetooth speakers when the choice must pay attention to which a few points

a, sound quality: the dual channel speaker units from the frequency or physical cavity structure, better say that they are more mono speaker? The requirement of good quality in general the speaker still relatively high, because of the relation of sound cavity structure, little monocular speakers generally can't do a good sound quality.

2, function: speakers for the function of put is more exquisite, is not getting better and better, much embarassment bing instead will lose its effect. Some features of the additional might even become the chicken ribs, such as some speakers on the market function of shake to change songs, if you are not careful to cut song, not only disappointed but also affects the mood

life: any electronic products are the same, the longer the duration, the better. Under normal use, the bluetooth speaker range of at least eight hours. Here need to pay attention to the capacity of the battery, battery capacity = use time x equipment power present battery voltage, so the capacity is larger, the longer battery life. In double track speakers for columns, between their power concentrated in the 4 ~ 8 w. If you want to achieve ideal playing time, more than 500 mah battery capacity to achieve best. Four, portability,

for portable bluetooth speaker and outdoor speakers. Must first understand the volume is not yue xiaoyue, the better. It is best to choose a portable speakers at the same time also look at your speakers, the fitness of need can be in any case are easy to carry. In this regard, generally round shape or you choose the more appropriate. Five, material qualitative

bluetooth speakers must be a good material, exquisite craft. Many manufactured bluetooth speakers appeared on the market now, be sure to select the quality pass, so as not to cause harm to human body. Six, appearance

all tastes, but you still feel a little bit to buy round of bluetooth speakers would be better, this will feel a little better, not only carry at the same time is also safer. Some people like personality, of course, some people like mild, when you choose buy or according to his be fond of.

a high price for bluetooth speakers and bluetooth speakers when the choice must pay attention to which a few key points related to this, the bluetooth speakers price must according to their own needs to decide, so you know what kind of price is more appropriate, at the same time when the choice here suggest that you would be a good or a round one bluetooth speakers.

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