Little bluetooth speakers use method

by:HTong      2020-09-15
Little bluetooth speakers after these years of rapid development, is generally accepted by mass consumers. It mini cute, easy to carry, as a mobile phone on music speakers is a good choice. So what is the little bluetooth speakers use method? Small mobile phone use bluetooth speakers method: 1, small new bluetooth speaker open general entities part, first of all, long press the power button for three seconds, at the sound of a du, will light up lights, said little bluetooth speakers have was on; 2, open the phone Settings, open mobile phone bluetooth, search the bluetooth devices, find the bluetooth pairing of small speakers, click on the match, at the sound of a du said after the connected bluetooth small speakers; After the success of the 3, small connected bluetooth speakers, then open the music player, can listen to your favorite songs. Use small laptop connected bluetooth speakers? Little bluetooth connect my laptop speakers and connection phone, laptops are usually comes with bluetooth function, first open the bluetooth speakers, then open the small laptop bluetooth began to search the bluetooth speakers, click connection matching, such as with installation, need to download & other; Bluetooth driver & throughout; Connection after installed. Little bluetooth speakers after the connection is successful, choose a music playing on the computer. Desktop computer use little bluetooth speakers? Small desktop computer bluetooth speakers, need to purchase a & other separately; Bluetooth adapter & throughout; , the price is not expensive, buy a can line, using the method, with little bluetooth speakers use my laptop. In conclusion several usage scenario is little bluetooth speakers.
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