Mini bluetooth speaker gifts custom factory

by:HTong      2020-09-07
Bluetooth speaker as a hot in the audio equipment from several thousand to tens of yuan. The development of science and technology makes the bluetooth speaker technology further, several dozens yuan bluetooth speakers can also get better sound quality. Universality of audience, makes this a few yuan mini bluetooth speaker into the more merchants vision, as a gift with cell phones and other digital products sales, has a good effect on sales. When selecting a mini bluetooth speaker gifts custom factory to pay attention to what issues? Mini bluetooth audio manufacturers to share with you: 1, the mini bluetooth speaker enclosure material: general mini bluetooth speaker material divided into metal, plastic and wooden box, plastic box body is the most important feature of mini bluetooth speaker is cheaper, so can reduce the cost of the gift, price and metal shell of the mini bluetooth speaker can improve the grade of the gift, it depends on how to choose the gift manufacturer. 2. Mini bluetooth speaker box the size of the power, parameters, power, parameters directly affect the price of the mini bluetooth speaker, generally for mini bluetooth speaker box size, power and battery, battery capacity is one of the important indicators for mini bluetooth speaker life. 3. Mini bluetooth speaker box product process, be present, on the technology and the modelling of course needs to have certain characteristics, even if your speaker sound quality is not advantage, but the process done well, done, can also get the favour of people. 4, sound quality, is listening to speakers sound quality, if there is a noise, and whether is easy to break the sound, distortion, voice sounds did not feeling well, Bad quality of speakers to listen to after a long time will feel very noisy) , have reflected the bass and treble, and so on. As the mini bluetooth speaker in the early production manufacturer, has rich manufacturing experience. Products on appearance design contracted, fashionable and creative design, the ideal mini bluetooth speaker gifts custom factory. The above pictures and source:, hlsmould. com
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