Mini bluetooth speaker use should pay attention to what

by:HTong      2020-09-13
Mini bluetooth speaker use should pay attention to what? Small mini bluetooth speaker after these years of rapid development, in the quality of the products generally have a qualitative leap, in product prices more populist, more consumers have one or two small mini bluetooth speaker, but someone will say that the service life of the bluetooth speaker at one time is not very ideal, it is very likely because of improper use small mini bluetooth speaker. Actually, small make up feel maintain small mini bluetooth speaker, it is very simple, as long as do the following. 1. To turn it off in time, usually without using mini bluetooth speaker in time when you need to shut down, so can not only make small mini bluetooth speaker single charge will last much longer, can also extend the service life of the battery, so that increase the service life of the mini bluetooth speaker. 2. Pay attention to clean, we tidy things will become more favorable, for frequent use of mini bluetooth speaker should pay attention to the surface is clean, use in our mini bluetooth speaker can not only more pleasant mood, also can reduce the besmirch corrosion of mini blue small speakers, improve the use of small mini bluetooth speaker. When small mini bluetooth speaker surface is stained with besmirch, use as far as possible without corrosive cleaner is wiped. 3. Avoid deformation, more small mini bluetooth speaker shell is made from engineering plastic, body is small, easy to be heavy pressure bad, try not to take other speakers in the direct sunlight, and away from heat, heaters, such as heat source, so as not to affect the mini bluetooth speaker components to work normally. To sum up, if do the above three points, general mini bluetooth speaker will greatly improve the service life and true value. The above pictures and data sources:
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