Mini wireless bluetooth speaker which good?

by:HTong      2020-08-27

as a music lovers, a multifunctional wireless bluetooth speakers, can be used as the carrier of our music. As the window to sit alone, in the afternoon and in the friends to gather in the evening, we can make use of a wireless bluetooth speakers, bring us a beautiful music.

in addition to playing music, wireless bluetooth speakers style is a bit of a single function, maybe a function is changed, the combination of diverse mini wireless bluetooth speaker will make your life more fun? Such as easily become a charging treasure? Or a cable speakers? Into a small night light? Novel and interesting match let the life have a good mood, seems to have become more accompanied by melodious music take away the worries of our lives.

wireless bluetooth speakers is a main modular interesting play the product. With black and white styles to choose from. Packaging can be divided into two layers of collocation, a layer for the sound box body, one layer below the neat accessories with the combination of several different module.

in the first place to look at products accessories, with the traditional manual, certificate of approval, the collocation of warranty card

with a M - USB port of the charging circuit, and an AUX cable audio lines.

the next let's look at the body of the product and several modules, the triangle is magnet design support, is used to make speakers can be put vertical. In addition, with three small combination module design. Let's study together.

the collocation of modular design main insert this in small speaker on the back of the arc grooves. Through the match line to connect and function extension.

this wireless bluetooth speaker positive overall adopt ABS material, fruity and smooth, no burr. The first half of the positive adopted cloth art craft. The lower left corner with product label, the function of the lower right corner with a round button. Can be used to stop playing music, and through to hang up the phone.

the side of the bluetooth speaker with a grid design, and here also with LED lights and volume button.

at the bottom of the design with simple antiskid strip.

let's look at each in turn the usefulness of small module.

long-press open after, can through the mobile phone bluetooth interface to search and matching

collocation clip design, can be easily hang in the body, was relieved from the line, from moving sound quality.

in addition to independent use, inserted the bluetooth module on the speakers, are combined and become a bluetooth speakers. A loud noise, the sound quality good, distinct, clear sound quality. Thanks to the large size of the unit, the expressive force of music is very good, whether with popular music, or a metallic taste the rhythm of music, can bring you a very penetrating performance.

wireless combination, no bondage, easily placed in indoor and outdoor, the built-in high capacity battery can keep for a long time using.

in addition to the bluetooth module, this can be used independently of the small night light module is very interesting. The rear switch button, with two brightness.

can be used independently, and can combine to become the head of a bed is delicate small night lights.

in addition to the bluetooth module, small night light module of the third module is the USB output socket module design. With MP3 files can be inserted into a usb design, make the product become a music player.

can also all kinds of charging circuit, via a USB connection to your mobile device added energy. The built-in 2000 mah batteries, as a multifunctional charging treasure, to your mobile life.

in addition to connect the front three modules, used in independent mode can be used as a cable box. Collocation does not support bluetooth player, for example, the old laptop, or mobile phones directly connected. Through audio line make products as a convenient cable speakers.

overall, this wireless bluetooth speaker is a kind of brand-new design patterns, all kinds of magic square combination collocation, make products become more diverse and powerful. Whether performance appearance, function design, module combination, or a fine sound quality, is worth you experience it.

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