Mobile phone bluetooth speaker connections didn't sound

by:HTong      2020-09-18
At present, mobile phone is not only our related tools, entertainment and leisure as one of the intelligent device is set, especially as the music playing device used more common, and mobile phone bluetooth speakers as auxiliary equipment of mobile phone play music favored by more consumers. So, cell phone bluetooth speaker connections didn't sound? A, first check the bluetooth speakers and play music handsets matching success, when we have two mobile phones, likely bluetooth speaker connection is another cell phone, rather than we play music phones, bluetooth speakers can also cause at this time there is no sound; Second, check the phone volume, bluetooth speakers sound source is a mobile phone, if the phone volume did not open, bluetooth speaker is no way to play music, so in the bluetooth speakers have no voice, should first check the mobile phone have opened the volume; Three, determine the bluetooth speakers for volume, the volume of the bluetooth speakers have to open the can play the sound; Four, is to determine cell phone bluetooth speaker volume is enough, when they are not a bluetooth speaker volume may appear silence or smaller; Phone bluetooth speakers after several years of rapid development, the technology is more and more mature, not only the promotion in the bluetooth speakers sound, tone, also had the very big innovation in modelling, deeply love young friend, regulate people's life.
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