Mobile phone how to connect the bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-01
A lot of people are exposed to bluetooth speakers at ordinary times, the use of mobile phones or computer users are clear what is bluetooth speakers, via bluetooth speakers will be able to listen to music, free is a kind of enjoyment, when people listen to music before, with are some of the traditional audio connection equipment, with the development of science and technology of bluetooth stereo gradually become a favorite of many young people, so how to use bluetooth stereo, how to properly connect mobile phone? The following will introduce some methods used for friends. How to use bluetooth speakers

1, the first to determine whether your computer with bluetooth module, if not, you need to set up a USB bluetooth interface.

2, computer doesn't have built-in bluetooth, after have a bluetooth module, the computer must also install a bluetooth management software, such as IVT BlueSoleil, installation of IVT BlueSoleil after inserted the external bluetooth USB computer, open the software, open the bluetooth speaker power, double click on the software interface of the search equipment, if the computer comes with bluetooth, as long as open a computer bluetooth switch, direct search.

after 3, when find bluetooth speakers equipment, double click on the search service, will find a bluetooth audio high quality service, is likely to be input connection password, the password prompt after the connection is successful, will automatically switch the audio equipment to the bluetooth speakers, how to use bluetooth speakers can play music.

4, positive '' volume knob clockwise volume increase, counterclockwise volume decrease.

5, the speaker's back, bluetooth audio signal input, the blue lights, AUX input audio signal when the light is red, period of time according to the 'source' button, switch bluetooth or a AUX input. Bluetooth speaker how to connect mobile phone

1, before use, suggest to bluetooth stereo fully charged. Charging methods: insert the plug of the charger bluetooth stereo charging outlet, then put the charger connected to the ac power or personal computer. Charge indicator light when charging, charging is completed, the light is not bright.

2, open the bluetooth stereo.

3, cell phone bluetooth function, looking for a bluetooth device.

4, open the bluetooth on your phone to find a bluetooth device, some password instructions. The password is 0000 or 1234.

5, connection, bluetooth stereo will du.

6, you can listening to music, to answer the phone, etc.

above about the bluetooth stereo knowledge is introduced, especially the bluetooth stereo how to use and how to the right way to connect mobile phone, a lot of people know that the phone has a bluetooth icon, but don't know how to use bluetooth is, in fact the bluetooth function is very powerful, if you want to listen to music, can be connected to mobile phone through open the bluetooth stereo, will be able to hear the beautiful music.

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