Mobile power can charge for all mobile electronic devices?

by:HTong      2020-09-19
Before the launch of mobile power supply, first is for the most use of lithium ion battery charging mobile electronic devices, including most mobile phones, MP3, game consoles, GPS, digital camera, etc. Because of its output voltage is 5 v, so can't for the digital camera ( Demand for 9 v) Dry cell, partial command of the 7 MP3, laptop, Demand for 12 v - 22V) Charging. At the same time, even if the voltage matching, if do not have appropriate charging connector, also cannot charge. Consumers to buy our products, if the equipment have a data line, at ordinary times can charge the battery through the computer USB port. May be found in our product is suitable for charging interface ( Let's first delivery 5 main trunk interface) of mobile phone brand To use.
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