Of the specifications of the bluetooth speakers

by:HTong      2020-09-15

the current bluetooth headset products on the market is more, while bluetooth speakers are relatively few. So-called bluetooth speakers, is actually refers to rely on bluetooth transmission protocol as a carrier for data transmission of sound, as most of the mobile devices ( Mobile phones, laptops, tablet) All bluetooth chip is placed, without using cables or audio line connection can be identified quickly, simple operation, convenient connection.

from the point of quality performance, CD quality data ( 44. 1 KHZ sampling rate, 16 bit sampling accuracy) The effective audio data volume is about 1. 4 mbit, and transfer to CD quality music signal, transmission rate, just keep in 2 mbit per second can be realized, bluetooth & quot; 2. 1 + EDR” Qualified specifications. Also, because this kind of product is often used acoustic structure of mature traditional speakers, wireless broadcast after the integrated bluetooth module, its sound quality performance with the same level speakers products.

on the specification of it, though bluetooth. 3. 0/4. 0 standards have been proposed, but the former is mainly embodied in the bluetooth radio frequency modulation mode in the Wi - Fi par, the latter is embodied in the application of automatic power control, namely, low power consumption, from the two versions embodies the progress of bluetooth technology, but not contact audio applications. From the point of chip level application, suitable for 3. 0/4. 0 version. Mainstream

bluetooth speakers adopt A2DP stereo agreement, and in 2012 smartphone tablet devices such as support A2DP agreement, so the use of perspective, bluetooth speakers without any obstacles.

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