Pampered, bluetooth speakers custom to go to the heart

by:HTong      2020-09-06
Bluetooth speakers and the fundamental difference between traditional speakers without wire connection, in the form of bluetooth wireless fast and smart phones, tablet PC or laptop connected to fast, people can not restricted by time is from place to enjoy music, a high quality bluetooth speakers become people occupy the necessary sheet is tasted, or listen to music when you travel to become a new generation of young people to be bestowed favor on newly. Along with the growing material and cultural life, people to bluetooth speakers also put forward higher request, bluetooth speakers custom need go heart more, to meet the growing consumer demand. Transmission speed: compared with WIFI transmission and infrared transmission protocol, bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed, the current generic bluetooth 4. 0 version can achieve 24 megabits per second, transmission speed faster, quality guaranteed, more and more bluetooth 4 on the market at present. 2 and bluetooth 5. 0, with the further promotion in the transmission speed; Transmission distance: generally the transmission distance with bluetooth speakers within 10 meters, just the size of a room, and can partition wai lose, very suitable for home and go out; Range: the range of bluetooth speaker is also a test of sound technology, because who also don't want to see the bluetooth speakers use less than a moment didn't bring, general bluetooth speakers custom speakers around 800 mah battery capacity, at least 8 hours can achieve long-term life and meet all day traveling music to enjoy; Not only the bluetooth speakers: bluetooth speakers can custom is not only listening to the bluetooth speakers, was able to answer the phone, take the function such as, make daily life more comfortable. From the point of quality performance, CD quality data ( 44. 1 KHZ sampling rate, 16 bit sampling accuracy) The effective audio data volume is about 1. 4 mbit, and transfer to CD quality music signal, transmission rate, just keep in 2 mbit per second can be realized. Bluetooth 4 for now. 2 version of the bluetooth speaker for custom, can do it. On the content source, main little bluetooth speakers, mini bluetooth speaker, portable bluetooth speaker, mobile charging treasure, etc. More see: /
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