Portable bluetooth speaker industry knowledge of cold

by:HTong      2020-08-26

no matter you are enthusiasts are still ordinary music lovers, how much home will have a two speakers, although in use every day, but not everyone is aware of their baby. This article is for you to do a simple science, what are the speakers of body material on the market, they have their own characteristics. Portable bluetooth speaker

wooden materials

let's is the most common and most popular wooden box, but it is worth noting that the wooden case is not equal to pure log. Wooden plank classified by raw material could be divided into two types: solid wood and man-made board.

the first kind of natural fact wood, its cost is higher, in terms of quality is better than the same volume of speakers to many, usually used in high-grade speakers. Solid wood box plate usually select mahogany, rosewood, mahogany, ebony and other rare hardwood, had better be jointless whole board, as speakers made of top material. But this kind of hard material, the price is expensive, processing is not easy. Times to take willow, common jujube, catalpa wood, etc. , to serious, wooden uniform is preferred. Behind the new material easy to damp deformation, need to dry processing can be used. So sometimes in the high-end products, not the same as wood will also be as commodity grade identification.

but for the vast majority of household level user, the most common type of wood raw material is still the man-made board. The density board, also known as fiberboard, is wood, tree technology and so on objects in the water after soaking by hot mill, shop, hot pressing, with wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive made from man-made plank. Density board according to the density of different can be divided into high density board, A density of 880 kg/m3) or , medium density board ( Density of 550 kg - 880 kg/m3) And low density board ( Density is less than 550 kg/m3) 。 Due to its soft, impact resistance, high strength, good suppression after uniform density, also easy to machining, but the disadvantage is that water proofing property is poor. So to do the speaker cabinets, common practice is to stick a skin.

particle board and particle board, joint filler, made of wood or other lignocellulose materials broken material, adhesive in the heat and pressure under the action of glue of man-made board, also known as particle board. It is mainly used for furniture and building industry trains, cars and car manufacturing. Products particle board do not need to be dry again, can directly use, sound absorption and sound insulation performance is very good also. But it also has its inherent shortcomings, because the marginal coarse, easy to moisture absorption, so made of particle board furniture edge banding technology is especially important. Also particleboard by volume is bigger, use it to make furniture, relative to other plates, also more heavy.

plastic raw material:

plastic raw material with deft, plasticity characteristics such as appearance. Plastic has the advantage of easy processing, appearance can do better, can do very low in mass production. But it doesn't mean is synonymous with cheap plastic, as some well-known brands at home and abroad, also use plastic raw materials in high-grade goods, can also be a good sound. We cannot simply think plastic material speaker sound quality must be as good as wooden speakers. The material requirements of speaker cabinet is not easy to produce resonance, affect the sound quality. As long as the plastic speakers after some special design or the use of special plastic materials, and have good technology, can also achieve good acoustic effects.

glass raw material:

now some foreign brands, in order to seek the beautiful sex of speakers and artistic quality, can also choose glass as enclosure. But it is worth noting that this kind of material is also not let's silica glass in the traditional sense, but a fashion of organic glass. Unlike in the traditional sense of the glass, it is not on raw material like our imagination of so fragile, its raw material has good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance.

metal raw material:

although said metal raw material of the speaker is not common in our daily life, but does not mean that it doesn't fit as speaker enclosure. Metal on the density and intensity are superior to the wood and plastic, so to create more bright timbre. Also due to the color and texture of metal raw material itself, very accord with the current mainstream aesthetic orientation, so the metal speaker also very upscale feel to the person, many small portable speaker used metal materials. On the bluetooth or WiFi small speakers, the use of metal is more widespread.

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