radio wholesale, radio suppliers,  radio manufacturers
radio wholesale, radio suppliers,  radio manufacturers

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10+ Years Experienced Radio Manufacturer

Dongguan Hai Tong Electrical Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in portable radios: solar radios, crank radios, clock radio and so on. Our products have been sold to HongKong, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Japan, Korea, Spain, Taiwan and many other countries and regions all over the world. 

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We Manufacture High Quality Radios

With a modern workshop covering 2,400 square meters, we have modernized production equipment as well as advanced testing apparatus. Every production process is under strict control to ensure the quality and capacity. Products are 100% inspected before shipment. Radios produced by Hai Tong is certified by ROHS, CE, FC, CE.

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One-Stop OEM/ODM Service

Hai Tong offers OEM/ODM service to customers who have special design ideas and requirements. Our R&D team help customers throughout the whole process from design, molding , proofing, sample testing, mass production etc. We provide the most trustable solution for you. Don’t hesitate to tell us your demand and send inquiry for free custom service!

Your Best Partner while Camping or Emergency

Our main product series include solar radio, hand-operated radio and clock radio. They have the following features:

Solar radio: solar energy driven, 3 charging methods, weatherproof, can be charged indoor and outdoor, mobile phone charging function, clear radio effect, suitable for outdoor camping, mountaineering, especially earthquake power failure has emergency transmission information.

Hand-cranked radio: hand-operated charging, external 5V charging mode, convenient and powerful flashlight function, mobile phone charging mode, clear radio effect, suitable for outdoor camping, mountaineering, power failure occasions.

Clock radio: time display, work and rest reminder, alarm clock, mobile phone charging, clear radio and other functions, application scope: home, hotel etc.

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Hand-Cranked Radio

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