Quickly set up WiFi sound system concept repeater came to help

by:HTong      2020-09-21

1, ordinary speakers became instant WiFi sound

before wireless audio has become the mainstream market, the traditional speakers and speaker products occupy the market share, all audio in most consumer hand all have one or two traditional passive speakers, that was a generation in the pursuit of quality of music. Now, small make up recommend a new WiFi audio player - — WF - 60, it was implanted into the amplifier, as long as the traditional speakers, can achieve a smart phone wireless control, high quality audio speakers wireless broadcast new experiences.

since entering the field of wireless audio equipment, has experienced from the infrared, bluetooth and other transport ways to change, can now in the market in addition to the bluetooth technology, is also a wi-fi. Sound beautiful and released by the WiFi audio player, with bluetooth transmission technology fully functional, and further transmission distance, we have strong ability to do the wall, nondestructive sound transmission, power consumption is lower, the perfect solved the shortcomings in the process of bluetooth transmission. Small make up today's introduction of WF - 60 WiFi audio player, is the one of the most widely used a wireless network transmission technology, with sound beautiful owned by any power amplifier can be set up WiFi sound system, and see how it is done.

2, wireless audio player, status equal wireless card

WF - based on standard WiFi transfer protocol 60 is single chip wireless smart audio module, belongs to a WiFi audio receiver. Correlates the bandwidth of the network card, making it long distance receiving devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets non-destructive music will appear easily. Also support the mainstream FLAC, APE, and WAV audio mode, compatible with the United States launched by apple AirPlay agreement and industry equipment interconnected DLNA standard and QQ music QPlay audio docking.

WF - There are two kinds of working mode, 60 respectively direct mode ( 美联社模式) And wireless local area network (LAN) sharing mode ( STA Mode) , to provide users with choices.

in the direct mode ( 美联社模式) WF - 60 itself produces a WiFi signal, users only need to speakers with WF - access to WF - 60 power amplifier, cell phone connected 60 WiFi signals can directly control the speakers play music, into a complete set of WiFi sound system. At the same time WF - 60 can log in to another on the wireless router, if the primary wireless routers have ability to access the Internet, to connect to the WF - 60 on the user equipment can access the Internet, its function similar to what we call 'repeater'. Suitable for the use of small environment, such as passive 2. 0 sound, small area wireless background music system.

there are wireless LAN Shared mode ( STA Mode) , this is a very powerful wireless work mode, need to form a complete set of a mobile phone APP, named 'AudioCast' embedded QQ music, ttpod, watercress radio and Himalayan music resources into the application platform, is available to download in apple store. In this mode is used, can control multiple WF - on a mobile phone 60 work, cell phone becomes the core of a central system, not only can be individually or unified control of the music and the volume of each area, also can use the Internet to endless music resources. For example: study, office, bedroom and living room has a set of by WF - respectively 60 set up wireless audio equipment, with the same WiFi network docking, as long as the phone access the WiFi, also can be unified on the phone or control room, office, bedroom and living room to play music.

3, how to use the idle speakers set up WiFi sound system

the first thing to know, WF - 60 is implanted into a WiFi chip of the power amplifier, and the audio power amplifier of collocation to WiFi player. Know the concept, the system is suitable for use on what speakers? The above said we need to separate power amplifier, the WF - The speakers that can be carried on 60 generally referred to as passive speakers, is we usually adopt, internal ordinary speakers without power amplifier circuit. The speakers work without interference, sound quality is very good.

building is very simple, as long as the plug has a WF - 60 power amplifier to connect speakers, on electricity will release a WiFi signal, using mobile phones even this signal can be realized on the wireless control speakers play music. Only need to pay attention to the power matching problem between speakers and amplifiers, if you want to get to the Internet or control multiple WF - at the same time 60 system setup, you also need a router can surf the Internet, at the same time in the direct mode WPS button and WF - hold down the router 60 WPS button, WF - after more than ten seconds 60 will automatically connect to the network.

remove the WiFi chip, professional audio system that is common in real life, far away from the speaker is in order to does not affect the power amplifier. After join the WiFi chip, not only simplifies the traditional speakers, but also on the practical is promoted. Originally in the corner of a layer of ash speakers, with WF - as long as the plug in 60 of the amplifiers, morphing into popular WiFi sound, you will be willing to part with or use let it be stained with dust in the corner? After signal through WIFI audio player, speakers can come out the music of a complete reduction ability, quality can be as good and professional speaker.

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