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Reflections on amateur channels


Radio spectrum is a kind of natural resources shared by human beings and one of the basic elements of the development of modern society. By studying its basic properties, we know that spectrum is different from other resources. It can be used but not consumed; if it is misused, it is wasteful.


Radio technology will be widely used and deeply penetrated into all fields of social production and life. Facing the open door of the new century and standing on the new starting line, our young generation is shouldering the responsibility of connecting the past with the future. If, from now on, we make full use of the almost idle amateur frequency band, with the support and guidance of the relevant departments, and through reasonable development and proper management, we will train a batch of talents who master radio technology and adapt to the trend of the times. Then we can push the whole society to the information age by promoting the technological progress of various industries. Let us cherish the radio spectrum resources and make full use of them With resources, uncover the veil of radio wave, make it benefit mankind.

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