Six bluetooth speakers of choose and buy skills

by:HTong      2020-08-25
Bluetooth speakers have many advantages, compared with the WiFi speakers of more scientific and technological content, the former prices are cheaper, more convenient to carry, and for the sound quality is not so demanding users, want to listen to music in the outdoor, a bluetooth speaker is the most convenient. And now the development of bluetooth technology is already very mature, bluetooth speakers overall quality are widely promoted.

page 2: bluetooth versions and NFC preliminary understanding of bluetooth module:

a bluetooth speaker is good or bad, is an important part of depends on the built-in bluetooth module, which is mainly used for wireless receive and digital transmission, which is why the speaker to play music could save the important reason for the cable.

what is the bluetooth module? From the written explanation, it is composed of chip, PCB, peripheral devices, according to the manufacturer can be divided into BroadCom bluetooth module, Dell bluetooth module, CSR bluetooth module, and the best bluetooth module is CSR. Reason is that it has a strong compatibility, and after completing connection with mobile devices, the stability of performance is the most powerful, so adopting CSR bluetooth module speakers more stable performance.

and a lot of cheap bluetooth speaker with a less known and inferior brand will adopt the low cost of bluetooth module, this kind of product is not only calorific value is bigger, and also on the stability of the connection is not reliable, and this is why we are using the special cheap bluetooth speakers, will be very vulnerable to interference, and the cause of the intermittent signal. Bluetooth versions and NFC function:

in addition to the bluetooth module, speakers with bluetooth version is also very important, want to get a better connection effect and sound performance, will choose higher bluetooth version. At present more mainstream is bluetooth 4. 0 and 4. 1 version of the two versions with low power consumption, stable signal transmission, the advantages of the connection speed fast, good anti-interference ability, can also be more than one machine and the transmission distance is long, etc.

another it is worth noting that the NFC a touch namely function, it allows the non-contact point-to-point connections between electronic devices. On the bluetooth speakers, NFC is one of the bluetooth connection mode quickly, as we all know the bluetooth speakers when paired with mobile phones to open the bluetooth - Search equipment - Connections, and use the NFC match don't need these steps, you only need to phone with speakers on the gently touched the NFC area can complete matching, very convenient. So everyone bluetooth speakers when the choose and buy, can also keep an eye on the NFC this feature.

page 3: these points can not be ignored

hands-free phone:

in addition to bluetooth and NFC, calls hands-free is also a very practical function; In bluetooth mode, when the phone call, user can answer a hands-free sets on the speakers; For example when you are home cooking phones to a phone call, if you can not open hand over bluetooth speaker hands-free sets on answering the telephone; There is also a very practical scenario is, while driving by answering the phone hands-free sets can release your hands, make your driving more secure. So we in the choose and buy should pay attention to whether the bluetooth speaker with a hands-free phone.


now on the market of bluetooth speakers are divided into two kinds, one kind is desktop type, the other is a outdoor type; We don't have to pay too much attention to the desktop range of bluetooth speakers ( At any time without the electricity charge bai) , while the range of outdoor bluetooth speaker is very important, for example, we go camping or travel, outdoor bluetooth speakers will come in handy, you can share music; But if just put two hours of music speakers the power went out, wouldn't it be disappointed? So life should be your bluetooth speakers pay special attention to when the choose and buy.

clear use requirements:

although currently on the market of bluetooth speakers are divided into two categories, but according to the function and purpose can be subdivided again a lot of kinds, such as specially designed for cycling, mountain climbing, camping, mobile phone games, tablets, laptops and other devices of bluetooth speakers. If you like the outdoors, must choose speakers with dustproof, waterproof, prevent fall off, this kind of speaker can work normally under very harsh environment. If you often use their cellphones to watch movies, playing games and listening to music, you can select designed for mobile phone bluetooth speakers ( Also has designed for Pad and laptop design of bluetooth speakers) 。 In a word, when the choose and buy must remember the use demand according to oneself choose corresponding bluetooth speakers.

sound performance:

for a speaker, the sound quality is certainly the most important, while bluetooth transmission signal transmission efficiency would be a bit of a loss, but for ordinary users in listening is almost feel not to come out; But I still suggest you'd better to listen, or on the Internet to find a find corresponding speakers audition evaluation and video information, etc. Now on the market a lot of cheap bluetooth speakers are very fashionable appearance, function also is very rich, but his voice can't listen to; Plus manufacturer exaggerated propaganda, lead to some small white users attracted by product appearance, buy back and find that sounds bad.

today first talk about the choose and buy of bluetooth speakers skills is here, the above mentioned skills cannot be strictly skills at six, mainly want to borrow the opportunity to share with you my views and experiences in bluetooth speakers of choose and buy, if can have a little help to the choose and buy of you, so also reached the purpose of this article. In bluetooth comprehensive toward '4. + 'era, bluetooth speakers will be more rich, the function compatibility will be stronger, of course, the sound quality will be better.

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