Small and deep Luna intelligent WiFi sound

by:HTong      2020-09-24

the Himalayan Luna new intelligent WiFi acoustics, have one share of the rocks. Niche is profound.

she can let you put down the phone depoliticization, customize your unique exclusive channel with intelligent remote control, from now on you can quietly listen to not to lose in several times in her beautiful voice prices.

Luna sound united artists custom, it will be determined artists made sound coat, provide to customers in the form of replaceable, this is a hint of warm heart design, is to let a person feel the strong artistic breath, this is the best way to come into our life.

of course, this is definitely a pretty light luxury products worth the investment.

more luxury goods, but it can from the bottom of the things that make people resonate but not seek. As the old saying said 'only buy right, don't buy expensive', may sound old-fashioned, but it is this every day. Rich man in the world there, but he may have a passion for the three dollars a bowl of plain noodle; Is more international brands, but I like small niche brand is not the same as that of 'literary temperament'. Time, such as the blink, took a little time, impressed. Really settle to by all the people in mind, is not only depend on the price. Priceless art, it is you and I can have the luxury.

who dared to say connotation, this comes from more than 300 million users to choose this article 30 million good sound confident. Himalayan FM as the nation's largest audio platform, now listening has been more than 110 minutes daily, and there are more than 90 million times a day on average click on audio books within the station, the media, news and information, crosstalk, music channel of each program. The Luna intelligent WiFi sound released at the same time, we noticed them for this kind of sound is equipped with a special bluetooth remote control. Project director, vice President of the Himalayan hai-bo li said: after set up the binding by intelligent remote control, can be set up multi-channel a key switch, so that you can really reach out of the cell phone grip a key content of the clouds. The remote control will be posted after adaptation Himalayan all audio products.

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