SONY bluetooth speakers?

by:HTong      2020-09-01

for many music enthusiasts, SONY has always been synonymous with faith, the iconic 'yellow label', has become a important important to you to buy audio products. Recently in the field of high quality portable bluetooth speaker, members of the family of a new generation of hear go SONY bluetooth portable speaker HG10, again with its internal and external and repairing the power quality, followed in the legend.

multiple fashion color, Dark gray, mint green, light blue, twilight red, shallow gold) Along with the gender and not make public, with the daily dress accessories easily fusion, show your fashion taste and texture of life, let you love at first sight. To sound positive in the face, the top front panel 'Hi Res AUDIO 'little golden standard, means that it inherited the SONY' ancestral 'the high quality of sound quality.

small body and a large energy, HG10 using the new film capacitor, linear response of the driving signal frequency, so as to reduce the distortion and noise, the better frequency response, can be better displayed high frequency and low frequency. It also adopted a new speaker unit, although the approximate appearance with the previous generation products, are not the same design, by contrast, up about 10% of the internal volume, let the human voice more clear transparent, hearing more extensive, also more full thick bass.

small body is carrying the S - Master HX, DESS HX and Clear Audio + technology, easy to spoil the support of the music, even compressed Audio source, through the machine series Audio source optimization technology processing, also can play out high resolution of aesthetic quality.

cabinet and delicate body appearance, more joined the nuanced detail design, SONY bluetooth portable speaker HG10 buttons are all adopted flatter design style, buttons and fuselage overall maintained a tacit understanding. At the bottom of the four pieces of rubber MATS, support, anti-slip and shock etc multiple effect at a suit, don't have to worry about slipping or music playing when the vibration displacement caused by various accident to happen.

speakers on the back of the function keys and interface layout is more reasonable, through the fuselage at the top of the 'EXTRA BASS' button, you can free play mode switch, enjoy heavy BASS bring infinite pleasure. Used in any cable or bluetooth connection, all functions.

use only 1 smart phone, you can to support Music Center Link more than one speaker equipment management and operation, let you easily enjoy the cinema at home stereo sound effects. Full of electric power, life can be up to 12 hours, more voice can, go out for a long time, parties and other cases, the time can also enjoy music. In the condition of no operation and no connection, will automatically be turned off after 15 minutes, to avoid power loss without cause, guarantee the long-term life.

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