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by:HTong      2020-09-21
Speaker refers to the transformation of the audio signal to sound a device. Popular speak means speakers host box or subwoofer enclosure bring power amplifier, the audio signal amplification processing after playback noise by speakers itself, make it sound bigger.

sound box is the terminal of the sound system, its role is to put the audio electrical energy is converted into the corresponding sound energy, and radiation to the space. It is extremely important part of the sound system, for the convert electrical signal into sound signal which is available for the ear listening tasks directly.

we know that the speaker's voice parts is the speaker, but why use speakers, rather than directly with speakers to listen to the sound?

speakers exist housing purposes - — Mainly in order to prevent the speaker diaphragm pros and cons of acoustic signal directly form a loop, cause only wavelength small high intermediate frequency sound can spread out, and other sound signals are superimposed cancel out.

speakers physical model is in a big big baffle was open a hole on the rigidity, install the speaker, so it can ensure the speaker both positive and negative voice signals do not form a loop, sonic circuit.

but the actual use, the speaker is not possible to make it infinite, therefore, the people behind the speaker with a mask to form a closed space, to ensure that the sonic positive transfer.

a second question: speakers after closed due to the problem of atmospheric pressure, the greater the speaker cabinet is more conducive to low frequency noise reduction, so the general speaker volume is calculated according to the speaker in the bass unit size a compromise data.

can be a lot of the environment is not allowed to have the too big box, people in order to further reduce the volume, and according to the characteristics of the acoustic and strengthen the requirements of low frequency sound playback design cases of cataract board, inverter, cavity, etc. , mainly to the low frequency spectrum of a certain wavelength of sound signal is enhanced, and to further reduce the influence of noise reduction by the atmospheric pressure.

speakers in the audio equipment is one of the most weak, for the acoustics, it is one of the most important parts. The speaker has a variety of FenLeiShi: according to the change can methods can be divided into electric, magnetic, piezoelectric, digital, etc; According to the diaphragm structure can be divided into single basin, composite paper paper, composite guide, coaxial, etc; According to the diaphragm can be divided into beginning cone basin type, ball type, plate type, belt conveyor, etc; According to replay the frequency can be divided into high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency, low frequency and the whole band speakers; Can be divided into the form of the magnetic circuit magnetic type, magnetic type, double magnetic circuit type and block type, etc; According to the nature of the magnetic circuit can be divided into ferrite magnets, boron neodymium magnets, alnico magnets speakers; According to the diaphragm materials can be divided into paper and paper cone speaker, etc.

A, the most widely electricity-powered loudspeaker, it USES voice coil and diaphragm between constant magnetic field force vibration and sound. Dynamic bass speaker in the majority with cone tub, mediant loudspeaker is cone tub or ball type more, high-pitched loudspeaker with ball type and belt conveyor, the cylinder is commonly used.

B, the loudspeaker cone basin of simple structure, high energy conversion efficiency. It USES the diaphragm material is given priority to with the pulp material, or material such as wool, silk, carbon fiber, in order to increase its rigidity, damping and waterproof performance. Basin of a new generation of dynamic cone speaker use non-paper-made diaphragm materials, such as polypropylene, mica polypropylene carbide, carbon fiber textiles, bulletproof, glass fiber cloth, hard aluminum foil, CD ripple composite material, such as improving performance improvement.

C, ball loudspeaker has a soft ball and hard ball. Soft ball diaphragm of the speaker color silk, silk, cotton, chemical fiber of phenolic resin impregnated and composite material, its characteristic is mellow replay sound quality; Hard ball speaker diaphragm colour materials such as aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and beryllium alloys, its characteristic is replay sharp sound.

D, no radiation mode of the speaker and the loudspeaker cone basin is different, this is after the diaphragm vibration, sound after the trumpet to spread out again. Its characteristic is acoustic conversion and high radiation efficiency, distance, small distortion, but replay a narrow band and directivity.

E, belt type of speaker voice coil directly made throughout the diaphragm ( Aluminum alloy polyimide film, etc. ) On the voice coil and the direct coupling between diaphragm. Voice coil production of alternating magnetic field interacting with a constant magnetic field, the vibration and radiation belt type diaphragm sound waves. Its characteristic is fast response speed, small distortion, replay the sound quality is exquisite, administrative levels feels good.

enclosure used to eliminate the speaker unit of short circuit, inhibit its acoustic resonance, broaden the scope of its frequency response, reduce the distortion. Speakers have books posture of body shape structure and floor, and vertical and horizontal. Chamber is closed, the inverter type structure, with the general formula, empty paper pot, the labyrinth, the symmetric drive type and tube type, and other forms, the most used is closed, the inverter type and the general formula.

floor speakers large speakers, the box body height above 750 mm, bookshelf speaker cabinet height under 750 mm, 450 mm to 750 mm as the medium between the bookshelf speakers, below the 450 mm for small bookshelf speakers.

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